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Says Ogunda Ika: Work on strengthening your confidence and decision-making power

Says Ogunda Ika

Ogunda Ika is an Ifá of doubts and uncertainties.

In this letter the person suffers from insecurity, a situation that has conditioned him to lose great opportunities that have come his way.

You must work on strengthening your self-confidence, because in the game of life you will be the captain of your team, a fact that will make you responsible for the decisions you make regarding your future.

To prosper in life you have to leave the comfort zone

Ifá says that you want to have a change in your life and that to achieve this you must:

  • Move from where you are,
  • get out of your comfort zone and,
  • try to explore other potentialities that it possesses.

In this sign, everything that is not solid will fall apart, work to forge foundations in everything you build, especially in the family, the couple and work.

Do not be the cloth of tears for the lamentations of those who do not sacrifice themselves

Conflicts arise in this odun driven by envy and frustration.

Do not feel sorry for those who have done everything to harm you, be firm in your decisions and do not give second chances to those who have not thought twice to repay their good deeds with betrayal.

Do not be the cloth of tears for the lamentations of those who do not make an effort or seek to sacrifice themselves to improve and instead wish that prosperity fall from the sky.

Dice Orula that the person governed by this Ifá must use intelligence over force

Brute force is useless in Ogunda Ika.

The fortune teller Orula advises the person governed by this Ifá that:

  • Use intelligence over force and you will win,
  • do not force things or feelings around you so that you do not live engañaof,
  • love and affection are feelings that cannot be bought and that, in order to be authentic, must arise spontaneously.

Don't let anyone tell you how to be happy, be yourself

  • Respect the people around you so they can respect you.
  • In this letter the person must take care of suffering abuses and impositions.

Don't let anyone tell you how to be happy, because we all have particular ways of seeing life and tastes, traits that give us an autochthonous identity, making us different from society.

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