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What does Ogunda Meji say? You must go to the foot of the Osha to look for a crown

says Ogunda Meji

You in this sign should worry more about building your future than building that of the people around you.

Powerful ritual to find evolution:

To prosper, the religious takes baths with Ceiba leaves and places a hand of bananas on Shangó tied with a red bow to which he will tie six knots and throw:

  • corojo butter,
  • smoked fish, corn and jutía, leaving it to rest for six days,
  • work that will later be taken to the foot of a Ceiba.

In Ogunda Meyi the religious must go to the foot of the Osha to look for a crown

In this sign the religious must go to the foot of the Osha to seek a crown, for health and to overcome difficulties.

But you must be very selective when choosing a religious house so that over time the bond between the godfather and the godson is not broken due to disagreements and misunderstandings.

Indecision is an osogbo in Ogunda Meji

In this odun, indecision is a great osogbo, because by having insecurity in life, great opportunities are missed.

Father Orisha Obatala in this letter he had his children starving and only through work they managed to get ahead.

  • In this sign it is taboo eat lobster, because it betrayed Orunmila, the rest of the shellfish must be respected and they cannot be eaten when they are out of refrigeration.
  • lucky colors for Ogunda Meyi they are blue and white, with clothes of these tonalities the religious makes ebbo and overcomes difficulties.

With this same purpose, Oggun is fed and the Orisha's cauldron is reinforced with iron tools.

In this letter, when the tureens of the saints are deteriorated, they must be changed as soon as possible so that the person does not fall behind.

Never let any outsider want to sow discord

You are a very envied person, many of the people who approach you do so with bad intentions, to benefit from you, find out about your private affairs and then defame you.

Never allow anyone outside your home to sow discord in your family, keep the secrets of your ile (home) under the roof of your temple.

The religious ruled under this odun:

  • With a little salt water, Ogunda Meji removes the osogbo from her life.
  • He takes a little salt water in his mouth, throws it into the air and says:

The arayé (problem) that follows me and the bad thoughts I push away like this.

In this Ifá the house is cleaned with watercress so that prosperity, development and good fortune enter.

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