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Orula says in Ogunda Meyi: If you have been paid poorly, I will bless you

Says Orula Ogunda Meyi

In Ogunda Meji prostitution is taboo, because the person can acquire a sexually transmitted disease and be aggravated by maintaining irresponsible sexual behavior.

This is an Ifá in which the human being cannot stagnate and must fight to improve and be better every day.

Odun that marks study, work and sacrifice to later be able to collect the result of all the effort put in.

Morality for Ogunda Meji is of vital importance

Morality for Ogunda Meyi is of vital importance, when the religious is discredited, his public image fades, losing credibility and respect in society.

Consideration and respect are earned in this odun and only the person gets to be considered by his peers when he projects himself fully.

Orula says that:

You have been underpaid, they have not considered you, they have come to disrespect you and speak ill of you behind your back.

In this letter the person suffers from the betrayal of many who said they were their friends and that at the time of sacrificing themselves for you they have not known how to comply.

In this Ifá the use of valuable garments was born

It is in this Ifá where the use of value garments in gold and silver is born, since it is an odun of prosperity and wealth, where the person gets to obtain everything that is proposed if he knows how to listen obediently to the warnings of his Eggunes and Orishas.

You cannot break your word so that the osogbos from whom Orula frees you do not turn against you, because there is no worse arayé (problem) in this odun than ingratitude.

Ifá says that you cannot be impulsive or reckless

  • Don't be reckless
  • avoid accidents and
  • stay away from acts of impulsiveness that can trigger a greater evil.

Ogunda Meji was born to be a leader and shine and not to live in anonymity, hence the importance of performing honest acts to make ebbo with good tongues and avoid the osogbos that bad tongues spread above you.

You must be careful, do not suffer a robbery in your home or while walking down the street, because a blow or a sudden fall could cost you your life.

Throughout his religious life, an Orisha to receive is Hate the foreman of the dead, deity that will bring you and your family health, tranquility and blessings.

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