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What is God called in Santeria? 10 curiosities

God of yoruba religion

Olodumare is qualified as unique, supreme, omnipotent and creator of everything that exists in the Rule of Osha or Santeria. His name comes from the Yorùbá Olòdúmàré, which means Lord to whom our eternal destiny goes.

It is the main deity of the Yoruba religion that includes and encompasses everything that exists, both material and spiritual.

It is not in direct contact with men, but through its other form:

  • Olorun (directly)
  • olofi (indirectly)

Due to his unique status, Olodumare does not settle, does not offer him, nor does he possess necklaces.

Olodumare is the god of the Yoruba religion, the most powerful energy that governs the universe according to the Yoruba, and thanks to him, everything exists.

It can never be represented pictorially and has no human attributes. Nor are statues or altars dedicated to it to represent it, but it is symbolized by a guiro with two halves, the upper one representing the immensity of the elevated astral states and the lower one representing the earth.

Characteristics of the Supreme God of the Yorubas Olodumare

Next, we present 10 curiosities about the God Olodumare that you may not have known:

1. Your name should be mentioned with the utmost respect

Every time his name is mentioned, he must touch the ground and kiss the dust imprint of the fingers, since Olodumare is considered the Supreme Omnipotent and Primordial Being, the one who traced the destinies of every living thing, father of all the Orishas and grantor of the life.

For this reason, the immense respect that is owed to him means that his name is mentioned with the utmost care.

In addition, it is said that we can all experience the presence of God in a different way, and when that happens we must show him all our faith and devotion.

2. We do not communicate directly with Olodumare, but we do communicate through prayers

As we explained previously, the Supreme God Olodumare is not associated with magical rituals or symbols, but we can ask for his blessing through prayer.

It can be invoked through displays of great faith and devotion such as prayers and prayers.

Praying is a way of communing with energy and meditating, communicating with the great governing forces of the universe in which we live.

If in this way we can express what is housed in our soul and heart, we can invoke Olodumare and ask for his guidance, advice and blessing.

Remember that in the Rule the Osha (santeria) the Supreme Being is pure and, therefore, the color white is associated with it, something that we can always keep in mind when praying to it.

3. Obbatalá has a close relationship with Olodumare

Although all the Orishas are said to be the ministers of Olodumare and their various representations on Earth, obbatala He is his dearest son, to whom he gave the task of commanding the construction of the world.

Obbatalá is the direct intermediary between this supreme God and man and some devotees have him as the image or symbol of Olodumare on Earth.

4. There are various names used to describe or refer to Olodumare

  • Eleda: It means the Creator and indicates that the Supreme Being is responsible for all creation, as well as for the very existence and the source of all things.
  • alaayé: It is the vital power. It is always alive or eternal. He never died. This is why the people say: "A kì ígbó ikú." (We never heard of Olodumare's death)
  • Eye Oni: The one who wins or controls the day.
  • Elemi: He is the owner of life and all living things owe their breath to him. When the Elemií takes the breath of a living being, it dies.

Hence, looking to the future, the Yoruba add an approach. “Bí Ëlémìí kò ba. gbá á, emi yóò še èyí tàbí èyìinì.” (If the winner of my life does not take it, I can do this or that).

5. How did Olodumare create the world?

The Yoruba Pataki say that Olodumare has three spirits:

  • Oludumare Nzame,
  • Olofin and
  • Baba Nkwa.

Thus, Olodumare Nzame created the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the stars, day and night, he also created a first man who was immortal and was called Omo Oba.

But this man was not what Olodumare expected, he turned out to be proud and vain, so the Supreme God ordered his destruction.

More, this man was immortal and could not be destroyed. He still lives under the name Olosi and tries to make the humans rebel against Olodumare.

6. Olodumare is the energy that governs humanity

Olodumare rules humanity, judges and punishes men when the laws of nature are broken and those who break the rules and precepts of religion.

It is before Olodumare that everyone who has reached the end of their life will appear and will be judged on their morals and then receive what they deserve according to their qualities and behaviors.

7. Olodumare and Olofin, their perceptible representation

Olodumare and Olofín are considered the same entity in different representations.

Olodumare is considered to be a metaphysical Being, while Olofín is the perceptible of creation in his person.

Olofín is also Olodumare manifested through Olorun (the sun), and all three are different aspects of the same spiritual Being.

8. Is Olodumare the head of the Yoruba Pantheon

Olodumare is considered the head of the Yoruba pantheon and rector of more than 1700 deities.

It is believed that he is the only one who sees the interior and exterior of man and therefore although no one has ever seen this king, everyone can feel and perceive him in one way or another.

He is an impartial God who controls the destinies of humanity and judges man by his feelings, his good character and his personality.

9. Olodumare created life and death

Olodumare created the universe, day and night, the seasons and with all this, the destiny of men.

That is why when a misfortune happens to someone, many believers say “is under the pestilenceañaIt's from God."

The Supreme God also created death because according to the patakíes (Yoruba legend), at first men did not die and grew to an immense size.

But later they were reduced to old and weak people. The men then began to pray to Olodumare, begging him to free them from a long life and in this way the elderly began to die.

10. A powerful prayer to Olodumare to venerate him

As we mentioned, the best way to connect with the Olodumare vibe is through prayer and very pure energies.

It is usually used to thank and respect this small fragment of a prayer that alludes to the deity, translated from the Yoruba language:

We respect the womb of creation, the king of the first messengers and the greatest father of the ancestors, the ruler who never faces death, the spirit of the planet. We praise them with their praise name.

You who mold light to create all things, owner of the mysterious nature, whose words are law and creation, owner of the most unknown mysteries.

The source of all heads and of creation.

In the sacred forest your divine light will always be praised.

The monarch of all forms of consciousness on Earth. The primary among the immortals of heaven.

The spirit of the demonstrations and king of all kings.

You, who are the same creation, this is your work and, for this reason, you receive the praise of your descendants. You are the one who distributes the blessings in heaven and on Earth.

Heavenly Father, we offer our utmost respect,

So be it

Other powerful prayers to the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon:

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