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Do you know Olodumare? The main God of the Yoruba land

God Olodumare

Olodumare he is worshiped in the Yoruba Religion as a divine entity. He heads the highest celestial hierarchy. This Orisha personifies the creation of the universe and it is his responsibility to maintain a stable balance between life and death.

It is considered omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient as it is the main Orisha of the Yoruba land and its inhabitants, this deity provides humans with spiritual peace and temperance, without his presence the world would live in total chaos.

The deity that controls knowledge and time: Olodumare

It represents the perfection that exists in the human body. It is associated with harmony and balance.  

Its name means the lord who goes to meet us, is the material and spiritual manifestation of everything that exists in the universe. He is the Orisha owner of infinite space.

This deity does not receive worship within a temple because the heavenly firmament is the place where habita, for this saint there is nothing impossible, nor is he subject to any existential plane, he cannot be tied or bent by any supernatural force.

Olodumare he knows the pains and sufferings of humans in the same way as the joys and rejoicing that exist in their hearts, he is a being that does not respond to a chronological age, of this he is known only that he identifies with the male sex.  

This Orisha is related to the development of the senses, knowledge and the improvement of knowledge as these are inexhaustible sources of blessings and progress.

It is believed that it possesses the virtue of controlling time, its design being the fact that this further advance is incapable of going backwards.  

Is hero responsible for blessing the intellect of the human being

The pataki relates that the Orisha is responsible for granting intelligence to human beings at the moment they take their first breath of oxygen upon arrival in this world.

Like humans, Olofin created the Orishas in order for them to help him continue the evolution of the life cycle.

Olodumare is the God who blesses from anonymity

While the other Orishas are venerated in altars and temples, Oloddumare remains oblivious to these luxuries.

There is no receptacle in which a face lives to identify it, this Orisha is manifested through the energy that is in constant change.

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