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Hail: The prayer that has gone around the world to save us with love

God save you Mary prayer

The Prayer created under the title of Hail It is one of the most famous prayers that has been created to venerate the Virgin Mary and the other Marian saints belonging to the Catholic temple.

This sentence was originally written in Latin and later translated into different languages, mainly Spanish and English.

Hello It has even been taken to musical scores, reaching digitally and physically throughout the world in acts of faith and love of neighbor.

Through its stanzas the prayer is channeled to glorify the Virgin Mary and to obtain redemption through her forgiveness and protection.

Its authorship is currently considered anonymous, although it has been attributed over time to various authors, including people dedicated to the procession of faith.

The written Prayer to commemorate the Virgin María It has been evoked at various times, among which are:

  • The Rocío Pilgrimage,
  • in honor of the immaculate conception in its patron saint festivities,
  • it is recited at the end of the holy rosary and
  • to ask for the protection of the mother of Christ.

The intercession of the miraculous Virgin as a defense attorney for men and women is the hope of everyone who recites the Hail, this prayer usually accompaniesañalaugh at our father 

What is the prayer “Hail you Queen and Mother” like?

Through the Salve the man asks the Virgin to lead him at the end of his days with sweetness to the promised land, a paradise to which the souls of human beings yearn to go to rest at the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The religious see in the prayer to the Virgin the solution to the forgiveness needed and the expiation of their sins, perhaps thinking that the weight of their good actions far outweighs their defects and mistakes.

Hail: a prayer to faith and salvation

Hail, Queen and Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope; God saves you.

The exiled sons of Eve cry out to you; to you we sigh, moaning and crying, in this valley of tears.

Well, Lady, our advocate, return your merciful eyes to us; and after this exile show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb.

Oh gracious, oh pious, oh always sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us, Holy Mother of God.

So that we may be worthy of reaching the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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