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Did you know that Stomach Pain hides a Spiritual Meaning?

Spiritual meaning of stomach pain
  • The following article focuses on the spiritual and emotional meanings of pain, remember that the most important thing is to visit your doctor.

The stomach ache It is a common symptom in our life that shows poor digestion of food or similar problems in the digestive system.

It is not usually a serious disorder, but can be resolved through a healthy and adequate diet and various treatments with drugs and medicinal herbs.

However, we must know that the brain and the digestive system are connected and the nervous and emotional reactions of our body usually directly affect our stomach.

A mental problem can cause a digestive disorder and good digestion can contribute to mental balance.

An example of how the stomach can be affected or affect our mind, is:

  • When we are hungry, well many people when they feel hungry, they are in a bad mood.
  • On the contrary, when we are anxious about certain events in our life, we usually fill our stomach with food.

How many times have we not suffered digestive discomfort after a strong argument, a love breakup or bad news?

And it is that the problems associated with the alteration of emotions and those of the digestive system, go hand in hand.

Most of the affected patients must visit both the psychologist or psychiatrist and the digestive specialist, since this disorder that we suffer is classified in medicine as a functional disease that interrelates both fields.

And many of the times we have digestive problems, we are surprised to see that doctors recommend drug-based treatments designed to treat emotional imbalances such as insomnia, anxiety or stress, to improve our digestive problems.

What do emotions have to do with the stomach?

The answer is that nerve cell plexuses in the gut contain the same transmitters that nerve cells use to communicate and help connect the intestines to emotions.

Thus, the stomach is considered our second brain, because it directly influences our mood and immune system.

And emotions, whether good or bad, affect our stomach.

The digestive system regulates the balance of the body, but also the psychological balance.

There the food arrives and is assimilated, and then the energy is captured and distributed and at the same time the balance or emotional imbalance is created.

That is why good digestions are also signs of a good emotional balance. And eating right and having a bowel movement indicates mental balance and a good mood.

What emotions affect the stomach?

We must know that functional digestive diseases such as irritable bowel and abdominal pain can be caused by nervous symptoms and emotional imbalance that directly affect our stomach such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Aggressiveness
  • Lack of sleep

The digestive organs reflect our state of mind

The digestive organs show unresolved emotional disorders and mental problems that can lead to severe cases of stomach inflammation, duodenal and stomach ulcers, as well as various liver, gallbladder and bowel problems and colitis.

These ills are usually suffered by people burdened by emotional problems, conflict situations, uncertainty, fear, worry and insecurity.

The most common diseases of the digestive system can be:

  • Gastritis
  • heartburn
  • abdominal pain

These ills can be aggravated when the person suffers stress, anxiety, nervousness or any emotional disturbance.

Some of the spiritual and emotional meanings related to this pain:

  • Stomach problems are a possible sign that there are certain events or people that we do not accept completely well.  
  • The stomach shows us how we accept new events in life and how we perceive what is presented to us as an opportunity to grow.
  • The rejection of change, concern and fear that the new transformations can bring, can cause problems to digest well.
  • If we fear humiliating ourselves by expressing our emotions, our digestion will slow down and gastric acids will affect us. We can even develop obesity.

So we must view the different situations in our life with more love and as an opportunity to grow and learn something new.

It must be taken into account that many of the current pathologies are a reflection of the state of our mental health.

Many people even discover a better way of life and balance by changing their diet.

How to improve our stomach problems?

There are very simple ways to relieve stress and worries, so that they do not affect our digestive system.

For example, we can:

  • Increase the hours of rest. Sleeping between 7 and 9 hours a day will help us relieve stress and anxiety
  • Avoid as much as possible situations that cause us anxiety or nervousness
  • Read self-help and emotional healing books.
  • Practicing yoga or meditation as a positive practice for mental health
  • Pray and have faith to feel the peace that hope brings

We can also use natural remedies to relieve our stomach and at the same time, relax and eliminate stress.

Natural remedies that help calm stomach pain:

Some plants can help us in the form of decoctions or infusions such as:

  • Menta: relieves indigestion, flatulence, colic, nausea and vomiting
  • Chamomile- Helps calm stomach upset, gastrointestinal spasms and gastritis.
  • Melissa- Helps relieve colic, stomach cramps, gas, and all kinds of stress-related digestive problems.
  • Fennel: relieves colic, intestinal spasms and gas
  • Ulmaria- Relieves symptoms such as gas, reflux, peptic ulcers, gastritis and diarrhea.

Other ways to ease the mental burden and prevent stomach ailments is through massage, which can relieve stimulation of the nervous system.

Psychotherapy is also very useful for relaxation and anxiety reduction, learning better life habits and exercises to stimulate relaxation.

In addition, doctors recommend changing lifestyle habits to promote restful sleep and with it, less stress and better digestion.

We must also learn to cope with worries and when a change appears in our life, or a situation or person that makes us feel insecure and stressed, we must quiet our mind and ask ourselves how to cope in a way that does not affect our health.

In this way we will learn to find positive lessons in the changes.

We must find ways to understand the balance of dualities in life and change the way we perceive changes, to relieve the pressure we put on our bodies.

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