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Where are the Children of Yemaya?

Where are the Children of Yemayá

Where are the children of Yemaya?... the most controversial religious within the Yoruba Pantheon, those who are accused of eccentricism, of self-sufficiency, of believing themselves to be the Orisha on earth, those who undoubtedly they have a heart as big as the ocean.

Where are the children of the mother of the world? Of the just, merciful saint, but who punishes the faults of her children with the full weight of the Law. The daring men and women who bravely face life without regrets, in which there is no space to harbor fear and with that you can count on to face the biggest test of life, because a son of Yemayá will never leave you alone.

When they want to silence a son of Yemayá is when they talk the mostán

So are the children of Yemayá, free souls who do not get to have anything of their own because it is enough for someone else to need any of their assets for them to quickly give it to them without even thinking about it.

Yemaya's children are scandalous, unmistakable, with a laugh hard to hide, sometimes loud and even a little deaf, but stubborn to a fault.

The more a son of Yemayá will speak is precisely when the world tries to silence him, when they will make themselves felt the most and when they will shine the most, because there is no force capable of containing the sea or its children

Yemaya's children are the ones who dance even without music

It is the children of La Yenya who dance even without music, who inadvertently steal the limelight, the most sincere, to such a high degree that they reach the point of injuring without wanting to. Yenya's children do not know how to keep secrets, because without realizing they end up revealing them.

They are the most desperate and impulsive when they want to and sometimes they look as peaceful as the sea on a sunny day, but it is enough to test or provoke them for them to rage like waves.

They are dedicated, protective and somewhat crazy

Saltwater children are the best of friends, faithful to the end no matter what consequences they face.

Criticized and envied by those who do not know them, because with them you live the extremes, or you love them, or you hate them, there can be no middle terms.

A son of Yemayá is delivered, protective and somewhat crazy, because by defending their convictions they are not afraid of losing anythingThey also don't seek to fit in or like a group, they simply flow among the crowd and then let the world think what they want.    

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