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Places where you can or cannot put your Eleguá, where do you have it?

Where can I put my Eleguá

Eleguá is one of the seven main gods of the Yoruba Pantheon. He is the warrior we ask for advice and guidance when making decisions in our home, so that he can show us the best path to follow and that our luck is the best.

Due to its great importance, it is the first to be called in every Yoruba religious act or festivity and the last to say goodbye, its deity indicates the beginning and end of all paths, birth and death, good and evil. Who has not asked Eleguá to open the roads for him?

choose lives in most cases behind the door, taking care of the ilé (house) of who owns it and protecting the border that divides our home from the evils of the world. Usually, it is placed in a flat vessel, a deep fryer or clay plate in which its attributes are also located.

Today we are going to focus on the places that the Orisha likes habitar in our house.

Where YES I can put my Eleguá?

7 places in the house where you can place the representation of the Orisha Eleguá:

Here you have a list of the places where we consider it is correct to have it, as we always say the most important thing is respectIt may be that your case is different and due to various situations you have it in another place, talk to Eleguá about your situation and the reasons why you have it in that space, and do not doubt that he will understand it.

Of these places that we mention, we recommend putting it on the floor or as low as possible, or behind a door in the different spaces of the house.

  1. Behind the front door of the home: Eleguá is known as the guardian of the roads and doors, so placing a representation on this site is where we are taught most of the time when we religious receive it.
  2. His own Altar: You can dedicate a space on your main altar for Eleguá, placing a statue, image or symbol that represents it.
  3. Living room or dining room: Locating a representation of Eleguá in these spaces is also correct, as this is where you spend most of your time, it can serve as a reminder of his protection and support in your home.
  4. Our Habitapersonal tion: If you have an altar or a spiritual space in your habitation, you can include a representation of Eleguá, but keep in mind not to be disrespectful, since in these spaces we usually have sex or undress, if this is not the case you can have it without problems.
  5. Nook or corner of the house: You can dedicate a corner to the spirituality of the orisha, and place its representation and from there invoke its energy during your religious practices.
  6. Cooking: Some people have it on this site in a corner, we even believe that placing its representation in the kitchen can symbolize the blessing of food and abundance in your home.
  7. garden or patio: If you have a garden or patio, you can create a small sacred space for Eleguá in the open air or under a roof. Place it in a special place where you can make offerings and connect with the energy of nature.

Sites to avoid when placing Eleguá

This list is our consideration, we always respect different opinions, and we must also remember that many people place their Eleguá because is the place where he has said he wants to be, and in other cases, the religious are guided by their intuition and have it in a place of a lifetime, and that is where Eleguá is happy.

So, these tips would exclude those particular cases where the reasons for the place where the orisha is placed are more than justified and beneficial for the religious who received it.

Where do we NOT recommend placing Eleggua, the guardian of our home?

  • Placed high (on top of some piece of furniture), put it as close to the floor as possible.
  • Bathrooms (space where we undress)
  • Habitaprivate rooms (where we have privacy)

Can I have Eleguá in someone else's house?

What we advise is always carry it with us wherever we go, but we know that many times in life we ​​are in situations in which we cannot choose, so in this case we can do it and place it in the same places that we have described is correct, yes, as soon as you can take it with you .

Remember that the location and space to place a representation of Eleguá may vary according to your personal preferences and your spiritual practices. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and respectful with the place you choose.

Let's remember the importance of Eleggua, our first protection

Elegua is the Prince of the Ocha (Santería), he is the first protection, since he is the one who opens the paths to continue in the religion and for this reason we must always have it close, to protect us and open the doors of good things.

And it is that Eleguá is also the first of the group of the four warriors (Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osun), so his powers are immense and its extremely powerful protection.

The practitioners of the Yoruba religion show Eleguá great respect and immense faith and consult them at all times, so that he guides them on the right path. For this reason, Eleguá is always close to them, guarding the entrance of each home.

But Eleguá is also the goalkeeper of the savannah and the mountains, so we can also go there to pray to him and seek his help and advice through prayer and meditation.

Elegua is asked for Luck (Oriré), Health (Didara), Money (Owó) and Prosperity and he is prayed to take away the bad and open the paths of happiness.

And you, Where has Eleguá placed? You can write us in the comments, a hug and many blessings.

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