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Release the bad with this Ebbó to Eleguá and receive physical and spiritual health

Ebbó to Eleguá cheers

This powerful Ebbó or cleansing purification at the foot of Elegguá We are going to do it to remove the bad from our body, thus receiving bodily health and spiritual evolution.

If you are healthy right now, then this is also a work to thank for that great blessing, and if you have any illness or a loved one, then we will ask Elegua for his help and protection.

Elegguá in the Yoruba pantheon is the darling of the Osha, he is the first protection because he is the one who opens the paths to be able to continue, because of his power he is the first Orisha that the religious receive.

En the Santeria or Rule of Osha He is considered a great warrior who lives behind the doors of our homes, he is the absolute owner of the roads and destiny.

We will do this ebbo or cleaning to our body in his name, but remember that faith is very important to achieve everything we want.

  • Even if you don't have Elegguá you can make this ebbo. Only you will have to do the work behind the front door of your house.


  • 1 Sweet Potato (sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato)
  • Corojo butter
  • Plateau
  • Smoked hutia, smoked fish and roasted corn
  • 1 white or red candle
  • Brandy and Tobacco
  • Brown paper (cartridge paper)
  • 3 cents

Ritual procedure with Eleguá for health:

  1. To start, you will smear the sweet potato with your hands with abundant corojo butter and put it to roast.
  2. Being roasted, you let it cool and put it on a plate.
  3. You put a little smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn on top.
  4. Place the plate in front of Elegguá and light his candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke and when you talk to him, dedicate a few words to him.

A simple and short prayer for Eleguá:

choose my father
Here is your daughter / or (say your name)
Asking for the blessing, giving knowledge that at your foot I will cleanse my body so that you keep me away and remove the bad, and my paths open bringing health and harmony to my life.
May your blessing always visit me.
So be it in your name!

  • If you have Elegguá, you can put the sweet potato inside his fryer (a plate where his representation rests) and ask him where you can take the ebbó to obtain better results according to his situation.

Do the Ebbó to Eleguá asking for a lot of health and evolution

After the prayer, leave the plate in front of Elegguá for a while and before the candle burns you must cleanse your body.

  • For cleaning (Ebbó) you take the sweet potato in your hands and you will pass it all over your body, always starting with the head and ending with the feet.

At the end of the ritual, wrap the fruit in a piece of butcher paper and go to a bush or mountain, leaving the three right cents next to the offering.

Remember that in this life if we do not have faith we will get nothing. This work is dedicated to health, which we often forget is the most important thing in life.

May the blessing of Eleguá be with you and shelter you always, and may this ritual of ebbó give you a lot of health, abundance and development, that the rest comes walking alone. Ashe

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