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Powerful Ebbó to Eleguá to remove dark dead and bad influences

Ebbó to Eleguá

In our life sometimes we find ourselves so energetically charged that we hear voices, we see many shadows and we know that they are not our protective spirits or beings of light, because we feel bad, with a great negative weight and without desires for anything.

If you go to the foot of Eleguá our prince of Osha and do this cleaning or ebbó, your condition will improve favorably and you will see results with positive and renewed energies.

Elegguá is the warrior Osha of the Yoruba pantheon who has control of our destiny and changes it for the better and for the worse, depending on our behavior.

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha He is highly revered, for his great power over our decisions and because he opens us good paths as a good protector.

Recommendations for the ritual:

  • Every religious ritual that you do, I recommend you do it with faith and a lot of love, only then will you achieve positive results.
  • This cleaning, also known as ebbó, you will not do it at home, it must be done in the mountains or in the bush.
  • You can invoke the orisha with the following powerful prayer.


How will we do this ebbó in the name of the Orisha Eleguá?

  1. First you take the peeled coconut and clean it well, removing the strands or hairs that it has on the outside.
  2. You throw in the coconut cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  3. In your home, you put it on a clay plate in front of Elegguá and light a candle, blow brandy and tobacco.
  4. You ask Elegguá for his blessing and you give him knowledge of what you will do, always with great faith.
  5. The coconut will be in front of Elegguá until the candle is consumed, then you will take it and go to the mountain.

Let's do the "ebbó" cleaning on the Mount:

Once you are in the mountains, in the bush, a forest, or a place of vast nature, there you will cleanse yourself in his name, beginning with the head and ending with the feet.

At the end you will leave the coconut in the same place that you have cleaned, you put the right of 3 cents and if you do not have coins, you can leave 3 grains of corn.

  • Important: Then you withdraw from the mountain without looking back, so that everything bad stays behind you.

May by doing this ebbó the blessing of Eleguá cover your path and free you from all evil! Ashé for you.

Learn more about Eleguá, his cult and attentions:

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