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Ebbó at the foot of Oshún to overcome obstacles

Ebbó for Oshún

Better than an Ebbó nothing exists, the Ebbó saves you!

When we want to get rid of malicious people, closed roads and negative energies, let's do Ebbó, and if we dedicate it to our beauty Orisha Oshun she will provide us with the sweetness and beauty that is lacking in our life.

As energy we absorb the good, but also the bad and sometimes the path to where we want to go is cut short.

The ebbó is cleaning, dispossession, keep in mind that this work must go to the bottom of Oshun so that it is Ebbó, otherwise it would be Addimú (offering).

The sacred coconut (Obi) that all our Orishas like will be our main ingredient.


This ebbó can only be performed by religious who have Osha (made holy), since it goes to the foot of our Iyalorde.

Ingredients you need:

  • 5 yellow painted coconuts
  • Yellow paint or yellow chalk
  • Honey
  • Large white plate
  • 2 yellow or white candles

The honey in this work is a powerful element, Oshún carries its sweetness, therefore in many of the offerings we make to this Orisha we use it, it is one of the foods that she likes the most and that she is most grateful for.

How to prepare the Ebbó for Oshún?

  1. First of all, he will wash the coconuts, clean them well, and paint them with chalk or yellow paint. If it is with paint, you should let them dry before putting this ebbó.
  2. Then he will put them on the white plate and pour honey around them (around, not on top).
  3. He will light his 2 yellow candles and talk with Oshún:

Blessed mother Oshún
First of all your blessing
I come begging for your intervention
To take away from me ... (talk to Oshún what you want to achieve)
Thank you for being my protector and not abandoning me. 

This powerful prayer can be used to invoke the protection of Oshún.

Remember that we must always ask, in this case Oshún, if with this ebbó we will solve our problems, if he agrees that it be for 5 days at the foot of it and where we should take this ebbó.

I sincerely hope that this powerful work will bring you development and many blessings from your little mother Oshún.

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