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Ebbó with Eleguá against envy and enemies

Ebbó with Eleguá

A very simple Ebbó at the foot of Elegua, who always straightens our paths when we ask him to mediate for us and protect us if we find ourselves facing a bad path, an obstacle, or in front of people who wish us ill.

If we want those people who envy us and disturb our energies to move away, take another course and leave us alone, perform this powerful Ebbó.

This ritual is not to harm another person, but to remove them from our life and continue on their way.

Eleggúa coconut cleaning

The main ingredient in this ritual is the powerful Obí (the coconut), its owner is Baba obbatala, the father of all. This sacred fruit is an offering and food for our Orishas and used in all ceremonies, its spiritual and religious significance is very important in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

The Obí is a purifier of negative energies, it provides spiritual balance, it is used for waste, to eliminate and prevent diseases, to save and clean, for envy and enemies as is the case in this work.

If you have not received Eleguá but trust the Orisha, you can also do this work.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 coconut
  • Holy water, serene water or from the spiritual vault
  • Cascarilla You do not know what it is cascarilla? CLICK HERE
  • White plate
  • White candle
  • 3 cents
  • White bag

If you do not have holy water and do not have a spiritual vault, the easiest thing is to obtain serene water, which is rainwater. To know how to do it, I recommend this article:

How to do the Ebbó at the foot of Eleguá?

  1. First, he will take the coconut and wash it with plain water, the water removes impurities.
  2. Afterwards, he will carefully remove the fibers from the shell that the coconut has, until it is clean, the fruits offered to the Orishas must be cleaned with dedication.
  3. Now you will wash it with holy water, or with serene water because it is already blessed by heaven, or water from your spiritual vault, if you have it.
  4. Take the cascarilla and paint your Obí completely white, you will place it on the white plate and place it in front of Elegguá, in case you do not have Elegguá you can do it, but by placing it behind the door.
  5. You will light your white candle and give Elegguá knowledge by talking with him, and at the same time you will pass the coconut all over your body starting with the head and ending with the feet, remember, once you start cleaning from top to bottom you cannot back up.
  6. After cleaning, he places the coconut on the white plate again and says:

Powerful Elegguá here is your child (his / her name)
Asking for your blessing
Here I deposit this coconut covered with cascarilla and a candle
So that I free myself from everything bad, from the eyes that hurt me
and the envy that haunts me
Remove all evil from my life
I beg you to release me from all burden
Thank you Elegguá

  1. This cleansing ritual (Ebbó) will leave you in front of Elegguá for 3 consecutive days, and you will light that candle during those 3 days.
  2. After 3 days to collect the coconut you must do it with your left hand.
  3. It will take the 3 pennies you clean with them and put it all in a white bag and leave it in 4 corners.

You must do this work with great faith, asking that everything that disturbs you be removed from your life, ask for much health, prosperity and that the paths be opened to reach the destination that your Orishas desire.

Thousands of blessings and remember that this Ebbó should be done preferably on Mondays in the morning.añana, which is when we must attend to Eleguá.

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