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Ebbó so that Obatalá improves health and you find stability in it

Ebbó with Obatalá for health

Babá Obatala brings many blessings to those who are in poor health, who wish to pray for it and ward off disease. Therefore, we will make this powerful Ebbó with Obatala for health.

And it is that Obatalá is a greater Orisha in the Yoruba Pantheon that represents purity and gives each human being health, tranquility and much peace.

This ebbó or cleaning at the feet of Obatalá is effective and requires very little to get the ingredients.

Apart from the ingredients, you must put all your faith and heart in every order you make.

  • In case of not having Obatalá crowned, you can also do this ebbó and entrust it to him.


Ebbó with grapefruit for Obatalá
Grapefruit fruit for Ebbó with Obatalá
  • 4 grapefruits (grapefruit)
  • White plate
  • Cascarilla
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cotton
  • 2 candles
  • 8 cents

How do we do this powerful cleansing on behalf of Obatala?

You wash the grapefruits first and cut a medium horizontal slice at the top (where the stem goes), so that you can cover that hole again.

  1. You put them on a plate, and you open each one with the help of a knife a little in the center.
  2. Once the hole is open, you must fill it with cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  3. Once the hole is filled, you must cover the hole with the same lid that you removed from the fruit and wrap it in cotton, so you will do with the remaining 3 grapefruits.
  4. You put the plate in front of the Obatalá Tureen and ask for his blessing, you tell him who you are and what you need from him, in this case, that you will clean yourself at the foot of him for 4 days in a row.

Let's do the ebbó with Obatalá for health and warding off evil:

  • To make this ebbó you are going to cleanse yourself for 4 days, each day with a fruit.
  • After cleansing yourself from head to toe with the first grapefruit, you set it aside in a white bag or other plate.
  • You will always do this with the candle lit for 4 days, until you clean yourself with the four grapefruits.
  • On the fourth day you go to the foot of a mountainaña and you leave your ebbo there with the 8 cents.

May Baba's blessing protect you and always bless your health, also your family and loved ones, may everything flow with open paths and protection.

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