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"Ebbó at the foot of Oggún" to defeat and destroy enemies

Ebbó with Oggún

Oggun the orisha owner of the mountain in the Yoruba religion, the one who with his machete is opening roads removing obstacles and adversities. The one who dominates the hunting in the Osha, the one who does not rest day or night.

This cleaning at the foot of Oggún the warrior is quite simple and effective when it comes to doing it, if you also add a lot of faith and will, it will surely open those doors that you have closed and the Iré you need will enter you.

It will also help you to get rid of bad negative vibes that are the ones that do not let you reach the goal you set out to achieve.

To destroy an enemy! are these works with Oggún

Work with Oggún to destroy an enemy
The coconut: the favorite fruit of the Orishas

Oggún as a Eleggua the owner of the roads and oshosi the vigilante with the bow and arrow, is attended on Mondays, but Oggún is also attended on Tuesdays.

If you offer from the heart, the owner of the iron will bring you good health, development and abundance.

For this work, ebbó or cleaning, we will use the Sacred Obi (coconut) that is a symbol of prosperity, fertility and abundance, it is the favorite fruit of the Orishas, ​​the purest.

Ingredients you need for cleaning:

  • 3 green or dried coconuts
  • Graphite pencil
  • Corojo butter
  • Brandy or rum
  • Tobacco
  • 1 white candle
  • 3 cents

How do you make this Ebbó with Oggún step by step?

  1. First you wash the coconuts, remember that the fruits in the rituals must always be clean.
  2. On the shell of the coconuts you will write with a pencil:

«Against all enemies»

  1. Then you spread the coconuts with corojo butter with your hands and a lot of faith.
  2. You light the candle and ask Oggún for his blessing and give him knowledge of what you will do.
  3. You put the coconuts on top of Oggún and you blow brandy and tobacco smoke on him.

Every day you will clean yourself at the foot of Oggún with the fruits and when you see that they are drying you take them to a train line with three cents.

Remember to do this Ebbó with Oggún with great confidence in the orisha, every day ask him to open the paths for you.

May Oggún's blessing always be with you.

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