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Powerful Ebbó with Olokun to have health, stability and peace in life

Ebbo with Olokun

Olokun owns or owns all wealth In the Yoruba pantheon, it symbolizes the mysterious and dark that is in the depths of the sea, where no one has reached yet.

This deity is androgynous, the same is woman or man, mother or father.

His power is still incomprehensible to man on earth, and this Orisha is the one who governs this year 2021 according to the Letter of the Year taken in Cuba.

Olokun in the Rule of Osha or Santeria It is almost always received for health and it is an Orisha that offers much stability, balance in life, prosperity and peace.

This ebbó (cleaning) is very simple and very effective

Always remember that you should never lose faith and in each work you do you must have absolute trust to whoever you are begging to solve your problems, in this case it is Olokun.

IMPORTANT: When you uncover Olokun's tureen remember not to look directly into your tureen, because Olokun is mysterious and does not like to be looked at its depths, because only she knows what exists in that deep sea.


  • 7 different fruits
  • 2 white plates
  • Blue cloth
  • 2 candles
  • Honey
  • 7 cents (7 pennies)

Procedure to perform this Ebbó with Olokun

  1. First the fruits must be washed and put on a white plate.
  2. In another plate you put a piece of blue cloth, which must be large to be able to wrap the 7 fruits at the end.
  3. You put both plates at Olokun's foot asking for his blessing.
  4. You light the 2 candles and discreetly uncover Olokun's tureen.
  5. You ask for his blessing, you thank him and you give him the knowledge that you will be doing a cleansing and the reason why you are needing his help.
  6. Then you pour a lot of molasses over the plate with the fruits.aña.

Let's do the cleaning for 7 days

After placing the offering at the foot of Olokun, you leave the candles lit for a while and begin to clean with one of the fruits, making Ebbo with Olokun.

You put that fruit that you used for the ebbó on the other plate.

And so each of the fruits are deposited every day after cleaning, on the plate that has the blue cloth.

When you finish, you turn off the candles, and so on for seven days always cleaning yourself with a different fruit and the lit candles.

At the end of the 7 days you close the blue cloth at its ends and go to the sea, and with 7 cents you clean yourself there before leaving the offering at the foot of its waters.

Important: Remember that cleaning is carried out by passing each fruit all over the body, starting with the head and ending with the feet, once we pass the fruit through the feet, we can no longer go back to clean up.

May the blessing of Olokun always accompany you and protect you, especially by bringing much health to your life. Blessings.

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