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Ebbó at the foot of Oyá to get rid of false, envious and bad people

ebbo with Oyá

No matter how good we are and we have nothing material to offer, false people will always surround us, the envy that gives us so much.aña, bad eyes, enemies and external obstacles that distress us and block the way.

To keep those people away from us I offer you this ebbó at the foot of Oyá, the Orisha owner of the 4 winds in the Yoruba pantheon.

Oyá She is the queen of the cemetery, of the air we breathe and the one that blows away the masks of false people with her winds. In santeria Yansa is a highly revered goddess, for her power, the strength of a warrior and her great kindness.

Among the works with Oyá to defeat enemies this is very beautiful and above all powerful

Mask, also known as an eye mask or mask

IMPORTANT: For this ebbo it is necessary that you make with your own hands the 9 masks that you need for this work, these elements also known as mask, represent the goddess Oyá Yanza in Santeria.

Get creative when doing themYou can decorate them, paint them, and make them as you wish, remember that it is an offering, a gift, make them beautiful so that everything beautiful comes to us through them.

You can make them of the material and size you want, the important thing is that you do them from the heart and that when making them through your hands all that powerful energy that surrounds you flows.

And remember that everything that is done in religion must be with faith and a lot of love, because without these we will not achieve anything.

  • Even without having Osha you can do this cleaning on behalf of Oyá.


  • 9 masks or masks
  • Corojo butter
  • 2 candles
  • 9 cents

How do we do this cleaning in the name of the orisha Oyá?

  1. First you take the 9 masks and spread corojo butter on them.
  2. Then you put them around the tureen of Oyá or above the lid.
  3. You light the 2 candles at the foot of Oyá and you say these words from the heart.

short prayer to Oyá Yanza:

Oyá Blessed I ask for your blessing
Here before you is your daughter / o (your name)
Giving you knowledge that I will cleanse myself before you
With 9 masks with corojo butter
So that you tear off the masks of
every false and negative person around me.
And that I can see with my eyes who hurts me.
Thank you mother Oyá! Jekua Jey Yanza!

  1. To make the ebo with Oyá Every day you will clean yourself with a mask and you will separate it to one side when you have cleaned yourself with it, until completing the nine.
  2. You will do the cleaning Oyá with the candles lit, starting at the head and ending at the feet.
  3. After 9 days you take all those masks to the mountain and leave them there with 9 cents of duty.

May the blessing of Oyá always reach you and accompany you! Remember to perform this Ebbó with Oyá so that everything bad goes away and put a lot, but a lot of faith in doing it.

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