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Ebbó with Shango to remove obstacles House and business cleaning!

Ebbó with Shango

Shango is the king of the drum, the owner of the rays, of the fire. He is a tireless and fair warrior.

This Ebbó (cleaning) is at the foot of this great Orisha to eliminate negative vibes in the home or business.

  • If you have faith in Shango even without having him crowned, you can perform this cleansing on his behalf.

Here in this ritual it is essential to use the leaves of the poplar tree (Ficus religious Lin), whose owner is Shango and is a plant consecrated to this Orisha.

Ingredients for the Ebbó at the foot of Shango:

Ebbó with Shango with poplar leaves
Poplar leaves
  • Container with serene water
  • Poplar leaves
  • 2 red or white candles
  • Corojo butter
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • Cascarilla
  • Dry wine
  • Coconut water

Step by step let's prepare this cleaning in the name of the warrior Shango

Keep in mind that the water must be put to calm to do this cleaning. The night before, you place it with a cloth on top of the container on the serene of the night, and you pick it up very early, before the sun rises.

  1. You take the container already with serene water and inside you put enough poplar leaves.
  2. You light the candles to Shango, you ask for his blessing and you give him knowledge of who you are and the ebbó that you will perform at his foot.
  3. You start to make small pieces of those leaves and rub them with both hands in the water, this procedure is done at the foot of Shango if you have it.

If you don't have it then you will do it on the ground in front of the lit candles.

  1. After a while, you add corojo butter and keep scrubbing.
  2. When you see that you have a good omiero (essence that is extracted from the herbs with properties that belong to the Orishas) if you want, strain it to separate the plants, but I advise you not to.
  3. Then you add smoked jutía, smoked fish, roasted corn and cascarilla and a splash of dry wine.
  4. With your hands you join the elements and if you have Shango received you blow dry wine on him.

Let's start cleaning the spaces with a lot of faith!

At 12 o'clock on the dot you will begin to spread all that water with the elements in your home or business, starting from the back to the front, scrubbing all that omiero on the floor with a clean broom.

You leave all the omiero on the floor for a while, and also collect everything from back to front and throw it in a bag in the garbage outside your house, not inside.

After completing the cleaning ritual, you clean your house with clear water by adding a splash of dry wine and coconut water to purify it and keep all the bad energy away from the place that welcomes you.

To take into account during cleaning:

  • All this will be done with the candles lit.
  • This cleaning can be done once a week for 3 consecutive weeks.
  • Put a lot of faith in the ritual, while doing it, ask Shango to protect you and protect everything that surrounds you.
  • It is better that you choose a time of day that the space, be it home or business, is alone, that is, without people so that the ritual does not have obstacles.

May Shango's blessing always reach you! 

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