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Lamp and Ebbó at the foot of Yemayá: Cleaning of protection and gratitude

Ebbó with Yemayá

Yemayá is the universal mother in the Yoruba pantheon and of all the Orishas, a pious and good mother to her children and those who honor her.

Owner of the seas and everything that grows and develops in it.

Yemayá is asked, but it must also be offered as a token of gratitude for all that he offers us and protects every day.

The faith that you put into this addimú (offering) is very important, as in everything you do, faith will always keep your dreams alive and you will always achieve your goal.

  • This ritual is for everything you want in your lifeWhether in love, health, family harmony, economic balance, to ward off enemies and above all to give thanks, and may Mother Yemayá purify us.

Ingredients you need for this offering:

  • 1 dried coconut
  • Indigo
  • 2 white or clay plates
  • molasses of caña
  • 7 sweets or desserts
  • Deep or deep bowl
  • Cooking oil
  • Seven industrial or cotton wicks for the lamp
  • 7 cents of right, if you do not have you can pay your right with 7 grains of corn.

How is this addimú made in the name of Yemayá?

  1. You take the coconut and paint it with indigo dye or paint, put it on a white plate, and pour coconut molasses over it.aña.
  2. You put the 7 sweets on another plate, if you cannot offer as many sweets, buy 3 and cut them until you have 7 pieces. You can also make a homemade dessert, for example, with another coconut you can make 7 coquitos.
  3. You must put cooking oil in the deep container and put your 7 wicks that can be bought or you make them from cotton at home.
  4. You light the oil lamp to Yemayá and you will put this offering in his name, you ask him for his blessing and you give knowledge of who you are, what you offer him and you beg your requests.

IMPORTANT: This work will be at the foot of Yemayá for 7 days, every day you can talk to her and pray to her that you make your special request.

Cleaning and boiling the home with the coconut after 7 days

So we do the Ebbó with Yemayá:

On the seventh day you run the coconut with your foot all over the house, starting at the back and ending at the front door, to collect everything bad from our spaces.

Once this cleaning is finished, you pick it up with the help of a dustpan or other object, without touching it with your hand.

Then you take it to the sea together with the 7 sweets and 7 cents of right, if you do not have the sea nearby, you can throw it into a river and otherwise to the mountain.

Then we clean the home with one of these powerful waters:

  • To consider: If you go to the sea or the river, bring some of that sacred water to your house so that you can cleanse your home. añagiving cascarilla.
  • If you do not have sites with fresh or salty water nearby, you can sew water the day before and clean your spaces. This is how you clean your entire home so that it is purified of all the bad.

In case you need to prepare the serene water you can learn how to do it in this article, CLICK HERE to read it.

May the blessing of Yemayá always be with you and may this powerful cleansing be miraculous in your life, bringing a lot of positive energy, health and love.

Other powerful works to do on behalf of Yemayá:

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