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Are the doors closing on you and preventing you from progressing? Ebbó at the foot of Elegguá

Ebbo Eleggua

If you do this ebbó at the foot of Eleggua It will help you eliminate all those negative energies and will open the way to renewed ones.

This cleaning is to purify and open the ways to abundance, and that what you are looking for comes into your life.

Eleggua is the owner of the crossroads, paths, sheets and will help you open new possibilities in the right direction.

Powerful Ebbó at the foot of Elegguá to open roads

Fuming tobacco smoke at Elegua

If you still have not received Choose but you feel attracted to him and you want to place an order, you can do it and I know he will listen to you because everything that is offered with love, respect and faith is solved.

Ingredients that we are going to need for the ebbó:

  • Brown paper to wrap the offerings inside
  • Corojo butter
  • White candle
  • White plate
  • Candies, sweets, cookies or candies, generally candy
  • Birdseed
  • Rice
  • Smoked jutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • 3 Coins
  • Honey bee
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps

How is this cleaning done in the name of Eleguá? Step by Step…

  1. First, you spread corojo butter on the brown paper and cut it into 3 parts.
  2. You light the candle at the foot of Elegguá, if you do not have it behind the door, it will light it and you ask for the blessing of the Orisha.
  3. You take a white plate and put the pieces of paper on top.
  4. On each paper you place the sweets you have chosen, always three in number for each element you place.  
  5. Le añades canary seed, also rice, smoked jutia, smoked fish, roasted corn, a coin and a splash of honey.
  6. When the 3 papers are ready, you put them open in front of Eleggua, you blow tobacco smoke and brandy.

You give Elegguá knowledge that you will put the three packages (mention the ingredients of each one) to cleanse you with their permission and that prosperity arrives and the paths of life open to you.

To invoke the Orisha I recommend the following beautiful and powerful prayer:

Important to take into account in the ritual:

You close the packages and clean yourself with them always from top to bottom. You start at the head and end at the feet.

You leave them until the candle burns out, remember that this ebbó dedicated to Elegguá must be done with great faith and firmness in your thoughts.

When the candle is consumed, you go to different places to leave the offering (they can be a mountain, 4 corners, a road, outside a bank or shopping center because they are places where money flows and generates abundance) and you leave them there without looking back .

May the blessing of Elegguá always protect you!

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