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Ebbó at the foot of Eleguá for evolution and development

Ebbó Elegua

Eleggua, the little giant of Osha, you work with him on Mondays preferably because it is his day, but if you can't do it, attend to him when his heart tells you, the little giant will always listen to him and open the doors for him as long as his faith and love are present. .

As a child, he finally likes to be entertained and treated as such, but always with respect. Remember that Ebbó is a powerful cleansing that purifies, heals and protects you from all evil, from diseases, from death, from conflicts, envy, enemies. Faith is an essential element in this ritual.

Offering to Eleguá to attract abundance:

The ingredients to use in this ebbó to Eleguá are easy and simple, but they all attract the positive and abundance, they are very powerful.

We incorporate beer to the usual ingredients in construction sites, an element that is widely used in work with Oshun.

Elegguá and Oshún are inseparable friends at Osha, in addition, beer drives away negativities, attracts luck and is also good in rituals to improve love relationships.

Ingredients you need:

  • Large white plate
  • Small plate (can be made of clay)
  • Cornmeal
  • Honey bee
  • Beer
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • 4 cents
  • 1 white candle

How to prepare the Ebbó to open roads?

First, you should know that with these ingredients you should make 4 doughs in the shape of balls and you can make them the size you want.

I recommend doing them directly with your hands, it is better because your positive energy connects with the elements. It may sound silly, but it isn't, I assure you.

  1. Take the white plate and add corn flour to it, and you will pour the honey on top of that flour.
  2. Now you must stir the ingredients, always clockwise.
  3. Making a good mix you will add a little beer, you will continue stirring and kneading.
  4. When you have a homogeneous dough ready, you will add Smoked Fish and Smoked Jutia and continue kneading.
  5. If everything is ready you will make 4 balls of this paste and inside each one you will put 1 cent as a representation of the evolution and the abundance you want. Place them in such a way that they are not visible, that they are in the center of the dough.
  6. You take to Eleggua, you light its candle and in a small plate you place the 4 balls. If you have not received the Orisha, you can do so in his name with great faith. You will tell him:

Choose here is your son / daughter (your name)
Asking your blessing and asking your permission to
Do Ebbó (cleaning) in front of you
That frees me from everything bad
And the I will come to my life that I need
to evolve

(if you have something in mind, a project or wish, tell them)
Thank you little giant
May your blessing always come to me.

  1. You will light that candle for 4 days in a row for a while.
  2. Every day you will clean yourself with a ball and you will put them aside, like this until the fourth day.
  3. When the period of 4 days is up, you will go out of the house and deposit the offering in the 4 corners of your house, in each corner a ball.

May the blessing of the little giant Eleguá accompany you with this Ebbó and may it open the way for you, and above all, may it bring you great health. Blessings and Ashé for you.

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