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The hunter made Ebbó and prospered thanks to Orula Advice from Ogbe Osa!

Ebbó in Ogbe Osa

Relates the odun Ogbe Osa the existence of four hunters who supported their families through the capture and trade of animals.

These were in poverty because although little by little they were perfecting their techniques they did not obtain any prey.

Pataki where Orula marks ebbó to change luck and attract abundance

These tired of being in misery went to visit orunmila who consulted them marking the realization of an ebbó, explaining to them that the only way to change their luck was through the execution of this work.

Three of the hunters did not consider necessary the realization of the ebbo marked by Orunmila, so at the mañana following only one went to the foot of the diviner to perform the ritual.

Upon arriving back at Orunmila's house, the man warned the oracle that he had no money to pay him, to which the Orisha replied that by paying him back with faith and gratitude, he considered himself well served.

Orumila gave the man an envelope with a yefa instructing him to spread it over his traps and he did so.

The word of Ifá never falls to the ground!

to the mañaThe next when the hunter placed the cages all the birds fell into them.

The other men were surprised to see the reach that Ifá had had and from that moment they began to feel envy about their partner.

In this way, the hunter who had carried out the ebbó became the most important merchant of exotic birds in the town.

A reality that made him obtain the wealth necessary to provide his family with a wealthy life far removed from the times of deprivation they had suffered.

Ifá advice through Odun Ogbe Osa:

This odun-born pataki Ogbe Osa describes rivalry between peers because of envy.

In this sign the person is stalked by false friends who will maliciously wish to possess the development of their fellow man.

Ogbe Osa is a letter that warns of the importance of doing things completely, a fact that is reflected in the non-execution of the ebbó by the hunters, an event that brought them misfortune.

This Ifá talks about an individual who is experiencing deficiencies and thanks to the help of Orunmila he manages to stabilize in life, through this sign Orula is worshiped and the true power of the oracle is recognized.

In Ogbe Osa the person is desperate for not finding development, luck that comes into his life after doing religious rituals.

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