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Your salvation is in making Ebbó in Ojuani Odi: 4 Ifá Tips

Ebbó in Ojuani Odi

Ojuani Odi is one of the odunes of Ifá where the salvation of the religious is in making ebbó.

Ebbó to overcome great difficulties

The person must make ebo with:

  1. spoiled meat,
  2. smoked fish, corn and jutía,
  3. schnapps,
  4. a half (coin) and
  5. other ingredients in a cartouche at the foot of the warriors.

It will be cleaned with that ebbó and then it will take it in dependency where the Orishas receive it to:

  • the bush,
  • the four corners or
  • the train line.

What marks this Odun of Ifá? Advice for religious

1. A ritual to ward off gossip

Ojuani Odi is a sign in which the person is frequently the target of gossip, those around him do not stop being interested in his life:

  • Put in your house a búcaro (vase) with the ewe (plant) tongue of cow to keep this bad influence out of your way.

2. In Ojuani Odi you buy your enemies for free

Through this sign the person must have a deer front in his ilé (house).

This is a letter headed by the chase and the hunt of enemies towards his person:

  • you are watched There are people who are so aware of your life that they affirm events in it that have never taken place and believe they know more about your existence than you yourself.

In Ojuani Odi the enemies are free, you are the son of treason, you cannot trust anyone.

3. Ifá recommends that you always keep your leri fresh

You must avoid the use of perfumes, especially the one that has scandalous fragrances to prevent adversities.

Ifá advises the religious in Ojuani Odi:

  • Always keep your leri (head) fresh and ask your head from time to time so that it continues to be irradiated with intelligence and peace.

In this odun infidelity is a tabooBecause of this the marriage is broken.

Ifá says that before judging you must first look at yourself, because between heaven and earth there is no one exempt from sin.

4. You must learn to speak little, especially your plans

The religious governed by this Ifá has fame of promising things that he does not fulfill and it is that on many occasions he promises actions that are out of his reach.

The religious must learn to speak little, especially about his plans, because This is the only way for your projects to come to fruition.

In this odun arose the moorings for love, it is valid to emphasize that once these have lost their effect the person will move away, it is not consistent to do this type of work, especially because lacks legality in the eyes of Olofin.

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