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5 Tips for an Iyawó in the Ebbó Meta Cleaning number 3!

Ebbo Meta

In the life of an Iyawó there is a primordial and sacred ceremony and it is the Ebbó Meta which means "cleansing three", since it is the third cleaning that the Osha initiate performs.

This Ebbó three months after the new life of Iyawó or initiate in the Yoruba religion It is very important, it is where our Orishas play an essential role in the life of the Iyawó, which marks the beginning of a new religious life, aimed at their spiritual growth.

In this ceremony, the Orishas are refreshed with feathered animals, they get up from the mat and take a place in their basket.

I will give you five tips and I hope they will be of great help to you:

The rules in our Osha-Ifá religion must always be carried out with respect and especially the ceremonies that are marked, such as those of the sacrifice through the Ebbó Meta.

1. Cleaning should be done when appropriate

You should always carry out the goal ebbó in the time indicated for it (3 months), because this ebbó is marked so that your paths do not become difficult and hinder.

2. Listen to the advice, it is not only doing the ebbó for its own sake.

Remember that, if you get a ban on the ebbó, it will be as important as the sacrifice made. You were banned for something and you should always avoid doing it.

The advice of the orishas always save us, it is in our hands to follow them as a sacred command of the deities.

3. Our inner strength will help us along the way

Be very careful at the time of sacrifice to be thinking about negative things or having doubts about whether the Orishas will help or support you.

4. Trust your Elders and the Orishas

Listen to the decisions of your godparents and focus on that beautiful ceremony. Do not stop trusting, faith is very important in all this beautiful spiritual process.

5. It will all be worth it. DO NOT hesitate!

All sacrifice is made with faith and thus you will always see light in your heart.

You have taken a great step Iyawó, you took it and you were reborn, now you have to enjoy that rebirth, do not be afraid, read your itá and always remember the advice of the Orishas, ​​and that will be the way to go.

May the blessing of Olofin, Olorun, Oloddumare, Orishas and Egguns always accompany you Iyawó!

Learn more about the initiates of the Yoruba religion: The Iyawó

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