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An Ebbó of Obbatalá with 3 elements to solve problems

Ebbo Obbatala

This Ebbó or cleaning at the foot of Babá Obbatalá we will do it to improve or achieve the health that we lack, we can also put the intention of the ritual in any other problem that we need to face at the moment.

Obbatalá is the father of all men on earth, in Yoruba mythology is the great creator of human beings and what habita on earth.

We find this powerful orisha and his energy in nature, specifically in the mountains.añas, is symbolized through the elevations of land, habita in them and from above is the one who grants peace, intelligence and justice among his children.

It governs all parts of our body, mainly the head and the thoughts that arise in us, it owns everything white as a symbol of peace and purity.

  • This powerful ebo with Obbatalá You can do it in his name, even if you have not received the Orisha, always counting on your faith in him to grant you protection and his blessing.


  • 1 dried coconut
  • Cascarilla
  • Cocoa butter

To complement this work, in addition to the 3 elements mentioned above, we will need:

  • A white plate
  • 2 white candles
  • 8 pennies

How will you do this purifying ritual with Obbatalá?

  1. First you take the coconut and remove all the natural fibers that surround it on the outside so that it is very clean.
  2. After cleaning, you paint half of the coconut with cascarilla and the other half you will spread cocoa butter with your hands.
  1. Once ready, place the coconut on a white plate.
  2. Before beginning the Ebbó with Obbatalá, you light the two candles in front of Baba and ask for his blessing with great faith by praying this.

Short prayer dedicated to Obatalá to intercede for us:

Great and respected Orisha, creator of all, king and owner of purity and of all vigilantes. Loving father of the world, my protector, merciful before you, I bow down so that I never lack your love, protection, stability and health.
For 8 days I will cleanse myself with this coconut so that it frees me from all the bad things and restores my body and soul.

Thank you my beautiful father for helping me face my need (make special request).
Jekúa Babá!

Let's do ebo! A very powerful coconut cleanse:

Take the coconut in your hand and starting with your head and ending with your feet, pass the fruit all over your body, that is,cleaning goes in this order:

  • Head, neck, back, breasts, chest, both arms, stomach, both legs, and ends at the feet.

After the coconut reaches the feet, it should not return upwards, place it on the plate and turn off the candles giving thanks to the orisha.

Keep in mind that every day, for 8 consecutive days, you must light the candles for a while and talk to the orisha about what you need to achieve.

Religious tips to keep in mind:

  • I recommend being in the shower when cleaning is done and wearing white or light colors.
  • After 8 days (it can also be 16, depending on your problem or state of health), that is, when you see that your request is improving, take the offering to the mountain.aña, a hill or some elevation of land, and leave him with 8 cents of right.

May Baba's blessing always be with you and that when you do this ritual everything you want comes into your life with development, health and love.

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