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Ogbe Otura: The hat and the sheepskin banner stopped the Osogbo

Ebbo Ogbe Otura

At the beginning of time when Olofin created the earth, he ruled that day and night had the same time to develop.

The night was not happy with the division, as it felt that it should deserve more time than its counterpart, so it secretly gathered its supporters to develop a coup against Olofin.

Pataki where misfortune with the Ebbó marked by Ifá left

It did not take long for the night to win the battle, confining the day to remain hidden from human sight and with this, misfortunes began to happen on earth, death, famine and disease began to occur.

Olofin who was not happy with such fact went to the house of orunmila so that Ifá could guide them a solution to their problems.

Despite the work and the works carried out with great cunning, the night managed to establish itself as the owner of the town.

Fact that Olofin was not happy at all because the complaints of the habitabefore the earth, those who accused the night of abusing its power by preventing them from doing their chores.

Everyone must respect the power of the creator over all things

Ifá advised Olofin to send one of his most loyal subjects to earth to control the situation in the town through this power, but not before doing ebbo with a ram.

Orunmila warned that:

It would be necessary to create on the ram's skin an insignia representing Olofin so that in this way everyone would know the power of the creator above all things.

Ogbe Otura was the one appointed by Olofin to come down to earth, to whom he entrusted the great purpose of establishing peace between day and night and finding a middle ground that would benefit man and nature alike.

In this way, Ogbe Otura left for his destination carrying the ebbó and the banner that marked the presence of Olofin in his hands.

Peace came with Ogbe Otura and Olofi's blessings

When the subject of the creator arrived in the town, the people received him with despair because they believed that night and death were more powerful than Olofin, due to the many tragedies that they had suffered as a result of their whims.

Ogbe Otura wearing his cap raised the banner of Olofin and gave the villagers the blessings that the great Orisha had sent them.

Thus marking the presence of Ifá on earth, making clear the power of Olofin and banishing the night at its required time.

With the cap and the banner worked with goatskin misfortunes on earth stopped and life resumed its usual course.

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