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How to make an Ebbó in the name of Oggún for health and good luck?

Ebbó Oggun

Oggún is a warrior Orisha next to Elegguá, Oshosi and Osun in the Yoruba religion, ancestral African cult.

He is a defender and vigilante Orisha with his children, everyone knows him for his angry character, but deep down he has the great gift of loving and teaching his children with wisdom.

He is the warrior who owns the mountain and the iron who wins all battles, and when a son is offended he goes for all who has hurt him, because if something is Oggún, he is a vigilante.

She is a deity who always listens to all those who ask her with faith and love, Oggún is goodness and courage, understanding and justice.

Ingredients we need:

This work is an ebbó (cleaning) at the foot of Oggún to get rid of diseases, maintain health and seek improvements in our life, both financially and in love, and in general attract good open roads.

It is very simple but effective and as I always say, the doses of faith that we put must be high, without it we will not achieve anything.

  • 7 guinea eggs
  • Clay pot or white plate
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey
  • Cascarilla
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Piece of red cloth
  • 3 cents

If you want to learn how to do the cascarilla at home, I recommend you see this article where we explain step by step how to do cascarilla homemade "click here".

How is this Ebbó made at the foot of Oggún?

If you have not received the Warriors, you can still do the work, but you must trust the power of the Orisha.

  1. First you take the 7 guinea eggs, spread them with corojo butter and put them in the clay pot or white plate.
  2. You pour honey over the eggs and cascarilla.
  3. You put the plate at the foot of Oggún, if you have not received it you place it in a corner on the floor.
  4. You light the candle, ask Oggún for your blessing and give him knowledge of what you will do and ask him.
  5. You blow brandy and tobacco smoke at Oggún and also at the ebbó.

Let's do the cleaning from head to toe:

When you finish talking with him, you take an egg and run it all over your body, starting with the head and always ending with the feet.

Next to it you will have the red cloth and you will go for 7 days cleaning yourself with an egg every day and putting it on top of the cloth.

Every day you clean yourself and put out the candle until the next day.

And every day when you light the candle when cleaning, talk to Oggún with sincerity and humility, and above all try to make it every day at a specific time.

After 7 days: to the mountain with 3 cents

At the end, you join and knot the red cloth at the ends and go with 3 cents of the right to the mountain to deposit your ebbó.

Once on the mountain, the natural temple of the orisha, ask him, but above all thank him for his great blessings and everything he has given you.

May Father Oggún's blessing be with you.

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