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Ebbó at the foot of Olokun in the Sea How to attract health, balance and fortune?

Ebbo Olokun

Olokún is a highly revered Orisha in the Yoruba religion and this 2021 is the deity that governs according to the letter of the year.

He is a god of the Yoruba pantheon who is almost always received for health and provides a lot of stability in our lives, he is the one who lives in the depths of the ocean.

In the Santeria or Regla de Osha almost all the works and adimuses (offerings) that are offered to Yemayá are also offered to Olokun.

Here I leave you an effective ebbó (cleaning) at the foot of Olokun in the sea so that you attract all the good, especially health and balance in your life, and that all evil and diseases are removed.

You should never lack the faith factor, because without faith nothing is possible, it is the one that should always accompany us.añar.

And of course, faith and trust in Olokun must be present because you will invoke him to do this ritual, always trusting in his great power.

Ingredients for cleaning:

This ebbó is made in front of the sea, and if possible take the Olokun tureen to its waters.

If not, call on her from its mighty waters to help you and light the candles there. Even if you do not welcome the deity, you can do it.

  • White roses, nuanced flowers, lilies or flowers of different colors 
  • Dark blue ribbon
  • Live little duck or toy duck (as you like)
  • 2 candles
  • 9 cents

How do we make this purifying ebbó?

  1. First you make a nice floral bouquet and put it in a container in front of Olokun.
  2. You put a blue ribbon tied around his neck to decorate the duck.
  3. You light 2 candles to Olokun and ask for his blessing, you tell him your name and you give him knowledge that you will clean yourself with the duck in front of her in the sea and you will put him to sail.
  4. You should also show the duckling to Olokun asking for his blessings.
  5. You get to the sea and you clean your whole body with the duck and throw it into the sea.
  6. Remember you must clean yourself with 9 cents and you also throw them into the sea along with the offering of flowers.

Ask Olokun with faith to free you from everything bad, to bring you stability and firmness on earth, giving you health and well-being.

Remember, in everything you do put love, faith and humility, the Orishas always listen to us and give their blessings when our heart speaks.

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