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Ebbó at the foot of Oshosi for special request, attracting go and unfolding

Ebbo Oshosi

Many times we resign ourselves to continue in the negative situation we are in, nothing motivates us, we think that nothing can be done and finally we resign.

Well, don't do it, help yourself, trust the deities and the intercession and help of the warrior Orisha Oshosi, a deity who provides strength, hope and firmness in adversity.

Make this mighty Ebbó with Oshosi and recover your energy so that your wishes come true, turn your life around by putting a lot of faith in it and you will see that your paths open with their help and protection.

Oshosi is a great hunter and a very righteous warrior in the Yoruba pantheon, with his arrow he hunts the good, but also the bad so that he does not touch you, he is a great magician and sorcerer.

In Santeria it belongs to the group of The Warriors, orishas who possess great power, Eleguá is the owner of the road, Oggún master of iron and Osun, the lookout who watches over everyone's heads.


  • 3 or 7 coconuts
  • Blue paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Blue Precipitate and Yellow Precipitate (powders that speed up the ritual)
  • Vela
  • Aniseed brandy or anise liqueur
  • 2 white plates
  • Tobacco
  • Blue cloth (choose the size according to the number of coconuts)
  • 3 cents

How do we do this Ebbó step by step with the warrior Oshosi?

  1. First you take the peeled coconuts and clean them well, removing the strands or hairs that they have on the outside.
  2. You paint half and half of each coconut, one half will be blue and the other yellow.
  3. After being painted, you will pour in each part according to its color blue precipitate and yellow precipitate.
  4. You light the candle to Oshosi, and you blow on him aniseed brandy or anise liqueur which he likes a lot.
  5. You ask for your blessing and you communicate what you are going to do, making your special request.
  6. You will have the coconuts on a plate and you will also blow anise and tobacco smoke on them.
  7. In another plate you will put the blue cloth.

* The blue cloth you choose must have a size proportional to the number of coconuts, that is, the 3 or 7 coconuts you use will fit.

Let's do Ebbó with Oshosi, a powerful cleaning to save ourselves:

Every day you will clean yourself with each coconut and you will separate them, placing them on top of the blue cloth until you complete the 3 or 7 days you decide (it depends on the number of coconuts).

  • Always while you clean yourself, the candle should stay lit.
  • The cleaning will be done from head to toe, for this you will be passing the coconut all over your body.

We took him to the mountain with the warrior:

At the end of your cleaning, all the coconuts will be on the blue cloth, so you take the ends of the cloth and tie them like a bag.

Then you take that bag with the coconuts to the bush, with 3 cents or 3 grains of corn, in case you don't have any coins.

May the magical and sorcerer Oshosi cleanse you with this ebbó and open your paths! Blessings for you.

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