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Pataki de Otrupon Meyi: Ebbó with round fruits Important tips!

Ebbó Otrupon Meyi

orula He was going through a critical moment in his life, the need around his door making him an accomplice of an unhappiness that he did not deserve.

The desperate Orisha went in search of Olofin to calm his destiny and thus find a solution to his problems.

Olofin explained to Orunmila that to solve his problem he had to make use of the virtue of divination, a gift with which he had been blessed in the past, because only through Ifá could he put an end to his dilemmas.

The Athephian Oracle leaving him the odun Otrupon Meyi, in which Ifa recommended:

Collect as many round fruits as possible to make ebbó with them, taking them to the foot of Nana Burukú, who was considered the mother of Ifá.

Orunmila prepared to bring all the round fruits before Nana Buruku And when she saw him arrive, she ordered him to take a seat, telling him that:

With round fruits he would give him the head that he lacked, this being the trigger for all the ills that afflicted him.

Ifá says: intelligence is a virtue in Otrupon Meyi

Ifá expresses the need to possess serenity and intelligence to resolve the conflicts that destiny holds for the religious, which will always be better won through ideas than by using force.

The life of a religious who is ruled by Otrupon Meyi should be slow, where he himself cultivates the ability to make serene decisions, since in this he will go and the success of his companies.

Through this odun Orunmila did not have a head so he lacked the ability to think, for this reason Nana Burukú provided him with a fresh head.

In this sign it is necessary to keep the head prayed with fresh elements and to continuously take care of its hygiene.

Other religious advice of the sign:

In Otrupon Meyi the individual is behind, but following the word of Ifá he will go forward achieving all the good things that he proposes in life.

In this letter the person was born to be important on earth, making his word count.

This odun marks the destiny of a person who without knowing it is a leader, at the same time that he has many people who imitate him and want to be like him.

It is necessary when this letter comes out to pay tribute to the mother, because without her blessing we will not get anywhere.

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