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Ebbó with 3 eggs at the foot of Eleguá so that the roads open

Ebbó for Eleguá

The ebbó are made with the aim of getting rid of negative vibes and to open our paths, they are powerful cleansings.

Today we will work with Eleggua, the messenger of Olofin, the little one who lives behind the door taking care of the home, guardian of the mountain and the savannah that is directing our paths and destiny.

Deity that closes and opens the astral for the fortunes or misadventures of all, he must always be counted on to perform any ceremony.

Egg cleaning at the foot of Eleguá

You can also do this ebbó if you do not have Eleguá, I believe that everything that is done with faith, love and trust reaches its goal.

Only if you have not received it yet, you will do this work behind the door of your house or in your patio, but the ideal thing is behind the main door of your home, a place that represents the limit of the interior and exterior, where they enter and the energies come out.


  • 3 eggs
  • White plate or clay pot
  • 1 or 2 white candles or a candle
  • Honey bee
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • Corojo butter
  • 3 cents

How to make the ebbó for the orisha Eleguá?

  1. First, you should wash the eggs to remove any negative energy they may have.
  2. Then you will dry them with a clean cloth and place them on the white plate or clay pot.
  3. You light the candle in front of Elegguá and put the plate with the eggs in front of the orisha and say:

Elegguá here is your child (your name) asking for your blessing and protection.

  1. In front of Elegguá you will take:
  • The first egg and you smear it with Oñi (honey) with both hands and place it on the plate again and wash your hands.
  • The second egg is smeared with cocoa butter (ori) and on top you put cascarilla (efun) and wash your hands.
  • The third egg is smeared with corojo butter (epo).
  1. Now from the heart and with great faith say:

Elegguá owner of the roads,
My guardian,
Before you, 3 eggs I have laid

One with oñi, another with orí and efun and another with epo.
I'll clean myself with them in front of you

so that you free me from everything bad,

y attract sweetness to my life,

keep me from illnesses,

bad eyes, envies and enemies

and that I can overcome the obstacles

come my way.

  1. He will have this ebbó for three days in front of Elegguá and every day you will light the candle and ask him.
  2. On the third day at night you clean yourself with each of those eggs, the candle must be lit.
  • The egg with epoxy will break it in the corner and drop a penny.
  • The egg with orí and efun in another corner and throws a penny.
  • The egg with oñi in another corner and drop a penny.

When you throw the eggs, don't look back and don't go back again.

Recommendation: Elegguá is spoken to with the heart, with sweetness and without mistreating him, tell him what you want and he will listen to you. Ask no wrong for anyone.

I hope this ebbó for Eleguá opens the doors for you and good health! 

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