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Ebbó at the foot of Yemayá to purify and attract prosperity

Ebbó for Yemayá in the sea

Yemaya mother of the world, dressed in blue always dances between waves, collides with reefs and rocks and the baña with its blessed waters. She is the correct orisha, a lover of children and of all those who profess devotion to her. Who always heals with her salty waters, restores health, removes all the bad and brings love and development to her children.

She is very loving, but she must be treated with respect and a lot of faith because if she does not go into a rage and her waves turn into storms and tsunamis.

Offering to Yemayá at sea or at home

It is very simple to do this work, but it must be done with a lot of love and faith, that faith that is sometimes broken, but must be recovered and not lost.

Ingredients you need:

  • Blue fabric
  • White cloth
  • 2 candles and 1 candle if not consecrated
  • Clay pot or white plate
  • Three little fish
  • molasses of caña

How to prepare the ritual at the foot of Yemayá?

This work can be done at the foot of the beach or at home at the foot of Yemayá. It can also be done by those who do not have Osha in the name of the mighty Queen of the Seas.

  1. First you need to take two pieces of cloth, one should be blue and the other should be white.
  2. You light the 2 candles and on top of the casserole or white plate you put the blue cloth first and the white cloth on top.
  3. You take the three little fishes and put them on top of the fabrics, on top of the fish you will pour molassesaña.
  4. Now you close at the ends of the fabrics as if it were a lump and once closed you say:

Sacred mother Yemayá
Here is your daughter / son (you say your name)
Asking first of all your great blessing
Giving knowledge 
So you can help me clean my body
And that brings to my life the prosperity that I need
Thank you mother of the Yemayá Universe

  1. And you immediately pass the package or lump all over your body, cleaning is done starting with the head and ending with the feet.
  2. You have two options, you can make the ebbó to Yemayá at home or at sea.

At sea:

If you have the possibility of approaching its waters, on a beach or coast, light the candles there, while the preparation of the ritual lasts you will leave them lit and then, if they have not finished, you take them home and put them in Yemayá there.

But I advise you to continue sitting on the shore talking with the mother of the world, this will give you infinite peace, touch its waters and feel its incredible energy, you will see how you will feel restored and blessed.

At home:

If, on the other hand, you do this ebbo at home, it should go to the foot of Yemayá and when the candles are spent you should go to the sea to leave it, if there is no sea nearby, it can be in a leafy tree or in the mountains, always looking for nature where habitan the orishas, ​​keep in mind that this work is not going to waste. 

May the blessing of Yemayá always accompany you and bring you much health, love and prosperity.

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