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5 Tips when doing Ebbó What should you know before doing it?

Ebbo yoruba religion

In Yoruba religion When you go to Ifá, an Oriaté or Olorisha to register in those consultations, an Odun (letter) comes out and through it you know if you are I will go or Osogbo, that is, with a positive or negative astral, and whether or not you should do Ebbó (cleaning), it all depends on what is obtained in the consultation.

  • E.g.Maybe you go because business is going badly and you come out with a bad letter, an illness or a certain death that is walking.

In that case, you should leave the business issue aside and focus on the situation that the Orishas marked, which is the most worrying, which is your own life.

Then, you must comply with the orishas, ​​and make yourself Ebbó or whatever the oracle dictates by mandate of the deities.

Different types of Ebbó in the Yoruba religion according to the path marked by Orisha:

You must be aware that all the Ebbó are not marked in the same Odun, that is, there are different types of Ebbó because each Odu de Ifá carries with it a specific purpose.

For example, some of the most popular ebbó are for:

  • Drive away death (Ebó Aiku),
  • Away the disease (Ebó Arun),
  • Overcoming wars and enemies (Ebó Isegun Ota),
  • Attract money (Ebó Ajé),
  • Achieve greater stability (Ebó Ibujoko),
  • Away betrayal (Ebó Ebu Eyin),
  • Achieve goals with Iré (Ebó Aseyori Iré)

What should we know when performing the Ebbó? Powerful cleansings of our astral

Make Ebbó to save yourself

1. Do not go against the current, and do ebbó to save yourself

We must remember that things are not as we want, but we must respect the plan and the path that the orishas have prepared for us.

Following the example from before, if you perform an Ebó Aiku to ward off death and misfortune, you cannot expect the results of an Ebó Ajé to improve your economy and financial situation.

Although it is quite true that your life by removing the disease will receive Iré (positive energy) in a general way, because one thing leads to the other, you can never forget that that Ebó was to remove the disease from your life, everything has a special purpose and we cannot be stubborn.

2. Always trust the word of the Orishas

Whenever an ebo is made after the prayers, it is asked whether or not it is accepted in heaven (Ebó Fin Ebó Da).

If you answer no, you should ask what you need to fulfill your purpose, or perhaps another Orisha wants to intervene, we must pay attention because many things can happen.

Be careful, this does not mean that the Ébó was not marked well, or that it is badly done, only that it was not accepted by heaven and something else is missing to make it complete.

3. Ebbo are not magic, let's be patient!

The ebo are not magic wands that are made today and already mañathe result is not seen.

Yes, it is true that we feel much better doing it because it cleanses and purifies our spirituality, mind and body, but it all depends on the type of ebo we have done.

Everything is fulfilled, but sometimes not in the way we want it to be, be patient and do not despair and above all that you never lack faith.

4. Follow the advice and comply with the prohibitions

Have you ever wondered why what we ask for does not arrive?

Remember that we CANNOT go against the plans of the Orishas, ​​we must accept, flow, allow the perfect plan that is our destiny to be and develop.

Regarding the ebbó, if we do the cleaning and the prohibitions that are marked are indifferent to us, if they are not complied with or respected, the ebó is useless.

Why? Well, the deities warn and advise us for somethingIf we are told not to take a path, to get away from a person, or to leave a vice and do not comply, it will be because of our bad head that things happen to us.

5. Everything has its purpose!

When an ebo does not fulfill its mission, it must be investigated what was not completed and what may be standing in the way.

All the sacrifices you make today will pay offañana and always remember that although the Ebo is not received by heaven, it was never in vain because in this life everything has its purpose.

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