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Why are Ebbos sometimes slow or NOT effective? 10 reasons

Ebbo santeria

An Ebbó in Santeria or the Rule of Osha-Ifá It is a sacred and ancestral astral cleansing, but it can happen that when we perform them many times they do not turn out as we expected. Why?

This happens when we do something incorrectly or external factors block our path, so here are some of those reasons so that you can understand.

To first put ourselves in context, we know that ebbó are marked when we have a problem and we go to the foot of Orunmila or to the foot of an Oriaté for them to consult and guide us.

In the consultations you will get an Odun, that is, an Ifá sign, which will be Iré (a good) or Osogbo (a bad).

Well, that Odun carries advice and may also carry Ebbó.

But we must also bear in mind that sometimes you consult with a purpose and it does not turn out as you expected, perhaps you were looking for development and the Odun marked you illness and you have to focus on that aspect.

In a general way, it is very true that if you do ebbó for health and you recover, you will also find prosperity through your work, without ailments or diseases. Everything is complemented.

10 Tips to understand more about the Ebbó in Santeria

You should know that each Odun has many ebbó and each of them is specific and for a different purpose.

Now, many of us complain because we perform ebbó and sometimes it takes time, or the purpose is not fulfilled, that is, what we pray to the deities does not arrive.

There are many reasons, but here are some:

  1. If you have enemies that stand in your way doing work against you and you don't know it, it may be that this makes it impossible for you to achieve what you want.
  2. Never tell everyone what kind of Ebbó they sent you or that Odun has come out for you, do your things in silence so that they prosper.
  3. If an ebbó does not give you the result you expect, you should continue investigating "where the water enters the coconut", that is, ask the deities what is happening or review your actions a little.

Although you are not impatient either, because it may be that the ebbó takes time to give you results. Everything comes in due time.

  1. Many times we break our taboos (prohibitions that the Orishas mark) and this implies that the ebbó is carried out incompletely, because we do not follow the religious path with respect.
  2. You must perform ebbó in the time that was marked, you must not delay or be irresponsible. If you delay, do not expect satisfactory results.
  3. You always have to listen to the advice that the sign marks in consultation, such as, for example, if you cannot go to the sea, the river or you must avoid the holes in the street, among others.

Respecting the prohibitions is as important as doing ebbó.

  1. It is really important to ask after having performed the Ebbó if it is accepted in heaven (Ébó fin Ébó da) and if he answers no, then he begins to ask what is missing for it to be accepted.
  2. Everything you do must be done with faith, respect and a lot of humility, without this nothing in this life will be positive. Who does not trust has lost half way.
  3. If you have bad thoughts or lack of confidence in the person who is doing the ebbó, I advise you not to do it, as this energy affects it negatively.
  4. Remember, the fact that the ebbó is not accepted by heaven does not mean that it has been done in vain, in the end it will give you results. Trust.

These are just a few, in reality there are many reasons why ebbó sometimes do not work.

The most important thing in religion is to comply with faith and respect

Remember that in our religion of Osha-Ifá many sacrifices are required, comply with the advice and accept the prohibitions of the Orishas that are dictated for something, even if they are not immediately understood.

The Orishas always give you what you deserve, but as long as we make sacrifices, putting effort, basing ourselves on respect and walking the path correctly and with integrity.

If we go from gossip to gossip, slandering, judging, envying, being bad children, parents, brothers, we will never have the blessing of our Orishas and our ancestors, we must never forget that.

Blessings for you.

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