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7 Spiritual Tips to follow when performing Ebbó or depositing Addimú

Ebbó and Addimú

In Yoruba religion To carry out the Addimú (offerings) and Ebbó (cleanings), guidelines must be followed that are important to do it correctly and have the desired result.

Within these guidelines we can learn that:

1. Knowledge is power

Knowledge is very important and essential, every priest or priestess of Osha-Ifá must respect and know what he is going to do, because with a single mistake made, he obstructs the result of said work.

2. The will comes from the heart

Without desire or eagerness we cannot get where we want and we will achieve nothing. When the deities mark you a religious ceremony, an Ebbó or Addimú, do not stop doing it, it is very important to keep your word.

So you must be completely sure to do what you have been instructed and have blind faith in the mandate of your Oshas and Orishas.

3. Act boldly DON'T be afraid!

We need courage to face what we do not know, the mysterious and hidden.

Many people, almost always those initiated into the Yoruba religion, are afraid of the Ebbses that they must perform, that fear must be put aside and faith put in the foreground.

Remember: Nothing that they indicate to you with knowledge in the Diloggún (oracular system) will be for you an evil, but a good. Trust the plan of the Orishas or Oshas.

4. Let's practice silence and spirituality

These two elements are essential for every religious act and in religious life in general, because we must always focus on our inner self, put all our thoughts towards positive vibes and let go of fears.

Sometimes we must introspect, review ourselves, analyze our decisions, it is very important to be able to decipher our interior, and not blame the Orishas when it is our own head that is going astray.

5. The importance of dressing in light colors

It is very important to know that the clothing or garments that we will wear to make works must be white or light colors, tones that attract light, positive energy and make everything flow in our favor.

Believe it or not, dark and patterned clothing can undoubtedly hinder the work that is done, since dark colors can hinder and make positive energies move away.

6. House of Osha (Ilé) or place of your choice

The place is also very important and should be chosen so that it is in an area where nothing constantly interrupts you, a place where peace and tranquility reign and spirituality flows.

E.g., It is NOT a good place where noise attracts you, or one that is so crammed with things that may hinder your mobility or the person who performs the ritual or ceremony.

  • It is also important to have a mat for all types of ceremony or works that are carried out.

Mat it is a way to improve our communicative activities with the earth, it is a direct spiritual connection with the deities.

Important: It is convenient that you know that the Oshas and Orishas must be oriented towards the east, which is where the sun rises, which strengthens and transmits great energies.

7. The sacred attention to the Egguns (spirits)

It is vital to attend to the Egguns because they also influence with their powerful energies, and thus when we are performing any ritual of Ebbó and Addimú they take care of us.

The Egguns are the ones who protect us from negative entities bothering us and also offer us a lot of sight and activate our intuitions.

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