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When to do the different types of ebbó or Yoruba sacrifices? Advice

Yoruba ebbo

The Ebbo or ebboses are cleansings that are carried out to save, purify, give ashé and good energy to the religious in the Yoruba religion.

The ebbó is a vital ceremony and of great importance in the Rule of Osha-IfáThere are even many types, such as prayers, baths, offerings and others just as sacred, due to the spiritual and religious importance of this ritual.

The Oddun of the Oracle not only tell us if we are Osogbo (negative energy) or Iré (positive vibes), they also show us how to save ourselves by remedying and balancing those energies by carrying out a certain offering.

I must make it very clear that Ebboses are not magic, although they help us to balance ourselves, find the right path, and find a correct or convenient place to work and live, we must be firm in going out and looking for it, because it should not be believed that they will fall from the sky.

We must also achieve our own sacrifices, heed the advice of our Orishas, ​​Eggun, and the word of Orunmila, and above all have a lot of confidence, will and faith that everything will turn out well for us, or at least repair a part of our path. today and mañana the other.

5 Types of Ebbó Why should they be done?

There are many ways to make Ebbó, that is, sacrifice, and they are named depending on their purpose.

As religious we must be informed about the Ebbó, because these will be our inseparable friends in life and on the spiritual path.

1. Votive Sacrifice, that is, offered by vote or promise (Ebbó Eje)

This ebbó is done when for different reasons we want to receive a blessing from our deities or dead and we offer them to see if we obtain their grace and reward.

2. Sacrifice of Appeasement or Appeasement (Ebbó Etutú)

This ebbó is when we "misbehave" so to speak, and we fail to comply with the ewes (prohibitions) that the Oshas, ​​Orishas and Egguns have set for us.

It really aims to satisfy the deities and spirits by consulting through the snails to carry out their will.

3. Prevention sacrifice (Ebbó Ojukoribi)

We do this type of sacrifice when we plan to do something and for safety we are going to consult each other beforehand, to see how it will go and ask for the advice of the deities.

For example, if we want to take a trip, get a job, buy or sell a house, among other types of projects, and in the consultation there is some risk or obstacle that we can face, because we do this type of ebbó as we are oriented. .

4. Substitute Sacrifice (Ebbó Ayepinun)

Maybe you've heard it by the name of «Change of Head», in Nigeria it is usually said or called "Be the substitute for my suffering" (Badimiya).

When people "they are not fulfilled"That is, it is not yet time to die because their preset time has not run out, but they are going through a difficult situation due to witchcraft or other spells, this Ebbó is usually done as required by the oracle.

Now, be very careful with this ebbó, the religious who carries it out must be safe and prepared to do it correctly.

It is very important because the head of the exchange can even be that of the person doing the ebbó.

5. Foundation Sacrifice (Ebbó Ipile)

The advice we receive from Orunmila, Oshas and Orishas, ​​and Egguns is very important and is related to sacrifices, no matter what their type is.

The foundation ebbó is marked by the orishas and Eggun when we consult each other, and it is always important to comply with it, otherwise our paths can be blocked.

We must always be aware as religious not to violate our ewó or taboos, to consult regularly so that our deities and spirits lead our way to the best destination.

We must also bear in mind that it is not necessarily always asked through the Oracle what we should do, since there are fundamental religious practices that the religious knows are necessary.

  • E.g.If you move to a new house as a religious, you must give entry to the warriors and you know how to do it, in this case you can by consulting the deities ask if they want any other attention or offering to balance the energies of the new home.

Also according to the holy house one or another offering or sacrifice is made.

Some tips Why should we do Ebbó?

Man, even when he is energy and has not reached earth, chooses on his knees what he wants to live in his existence and destiny, that is why it is said that:

What has been chosen on our knees is what we find upon our arrival in this world.

And it is that, upon arrival in this astral, we become impatient, we do too many things, we are in a hurry to achieve our potential goals, with attachments, wounds, doing bad actions and making not very correct decisions.

By then as beings, it is impossible for us to return and choose another destination, so once here it is necessary to prevent the deterioration of things and the chosen path, and the only action that remains for us is to cleanse and purify ourselves through the Ebbó.

It is essential that as religious we know that in order to better live the different consequences that destiny brings us, we must follow the word of our guides and deities.

Many times Eshú twists our way unexpectedly and we always see it as misery, but really everything happens for a reason, and in the balance of good and bad, there is well-being.

Ifá says that who does not endure a cup of adversity, cannot be worthy of a basket of blessings, for this reason the important thing to move forward hand in hand with our Orishas.

Many mishaps may be warning you that new transformations are coming, and although not necessarily positive, they are to be able to offer you the best possible future.

Now, always keep in mind and remove from your mind that they will give you immediately what you ask, have patience, and a lot of faith that everything comes, but at the moment that the Orishas determine that it is good and healthy for you.

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