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The 3 paths of Echu Añagui: Avatars of development and justice

echu Añagui

echu Añagui is an avatar of Elegguá the Orisha protector of the roadsThis, in turn, has in itself three paths, which are related to development and justice.

The two faces of Echu Añagui.

Two-sided Eleguá

On the first path of Echu Añagui this is shown as an Elegguá with two faces, this represents wisdom, its receptacle is a coconut of water.

This deity is in charge of bringing development and other people to the door of the home.

It is the protector of plans, it materializes through the replacement and renewal of objects, natural elements and forms of thought.

Doves are sacrificed to this Orisha in gratitude for her interventions and the prosperity she provides. Fruits such as mamey and guava can be attributed to it.

Elegbára's mother.

Eleguá's mother

on his second path Añagui represents a female deity embodying the mother of the Orisha Elegguá himself, this is a woman with a strong and bellicose character, she does not fear war and does not usually forgive her enemies.

Represents the warrior who does not fear anything.

Añagui is a healer and a witch, she knows the secret of medicinal plants. She discovers secrets and enemy traps through the virtue of clairvoyance.

This is closely related to Oyá whom I accompaniedaña in their cavalcades on eddies of wind.

Habita in the mountains and in the savannah. Her clothes are red, this is adorned by a hundred snails, which are distributed evenly on the skirt of the dress.

The first stone Elegguá that existed.

Stone Elegua

In his last avatar Echu Ñanguí or Añagui as it is also called was revered by the first Yorubas as the largest stone Elegguá that has existed throughout time, for this reason it is believed that he is the father of all other rock echus.

An old Pataki relates that as punishment for his arrogance Orunmila decomposed it into two hundred pieces of rock, with which the Ifá priests later made the same number of Elegguaces, saints that later multiplied. 

This Echu is closely linked to the secrets of the sacred rule of Ifá, it is the saint in charge of providing victory at the hands of Orula the great fortune teller.

This Elegguá is in charge of organizing his fellow men and distributing to them the corresponding tasks that they must fulfill.

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