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Lunar Eclipse in November to radiate with astral spirituality

Lunar eclipse November

When a perfect alignment between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon occurs, a astrological phenomenon called eclipse, event of vital importance energetically and spiritually.

There are solar and lunar eclipses:

  • A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the solar disk,
  • whereas a lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow.

Since ancient times, this event has shocked man, who has associated his arrival with esoteric events, even offering important sacrifices in his honor, as recorded in the records dating from pre-Columbian times.

At present many of the old beliefs are still in force, myths have even arisen in which the appearance of macules (spots) on the body of the fruit of conception is involved when the pregnant woman, upon witnessing the phenomenon, places her hand on the belly.

How do lunar eclipses occur?

The lunar eclipse is the astronomical event that takes place when the Earth intervenes between the Sun and the Moon, generating a cone of shadow that partially or totally obscures the moon.

For an eclipse to occur, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon must be aligned, in such a way that the Earth blocks the solar rays that reach the satellite.

For this reason, lunar eclipses can only occur in the full moon phase, when the celestial body can be seen in all its splendor.

What blessings does the full moon bring?

During the full moon or full moon, the satellite has more energy, a phenomenon that allows it to radiate good vibes to our planet.

With the presence of the full moon, many blessings come to earth, the main joy being the ability to rest after a long day at work.

Peace and rest are two other virtues that the satellite confers on humanity at the same time that it gives it freshness after the globe is heated by the sun during the day.

The next lunar eclipse will be in November

The next November 19th a partial lunar eclipse will take place, the phenomenon is cataloged in this way when only a part of the Moon is hidden.

This will be an event to meditate and cancel the doubts that may be disturbing the thought.

The partial eclipse of the moon will spiritually bring to earth the possibility that many human beings receive a second chance and redirect their destiny, since the moon is the only celestial body that presents different phases.

Periods that leave a teaching to man, but that also immortalize different paths.

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