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The mystery that enteredaña the Building of the Coffins in Havana Get to know it!

Coffin Building

The Havana Malecón Industrias intersection has witnessed a legend that for more than fifty years has fueled the curiosity of the capital city visitor.

We are then talking about the emblematic building of the coffins, which was built in 1954 at the hands of a construction company that, motivated by many speculations, gave life to a popular legend.

This magnificent construction consists of fifteen floors, of these, fourteen offer wide balconies in view of the city reef that recall coffins due to their design.

I remember that the first time I was in front of the building, a person told me about the legend that had led to its manufacture.

A story that collected the pieces of the broken heart of a family that had been marked by the loss of a loved one for all eternity.  

The story of a young woman who was taken from her family by the fury of the sea

The popular slang assures that years ago on the coast, right in front of where the property stands today, the owner's daughter had drowned one afternoon near her fifteenth birthday.

Therefore, the building had fifteen floors, but of these only fourteen had a balcony.

Being these terraces a deserved tribute to the filial love that had been taken from the family by the fury of the sea.

It is forbidden bañarse on the habanero boardwalk

Such a moving story has been told from generation to generation and each narrator añaa touch of mysticism from his point of view.

Many mention that as a result of this event, bathing in the waters of the Havana seawall was prohibited, but little has been known about this legislation associated with the event.

Other versions on the design of the building

Some skeptics have spoken out against the urban legend, citing that the origins of the building's design are related to the ownership of a funeral business by the property owners.

While others affirm that what was wanted to frame by means of the balconies were the cabins of the boats.

This to give the feeling to the habitaBefore living inside a ship, which is why it had also been built so close to the coastal waters.

The truth is that many grandmothers even today deny their grandchildren the possibility of playing in this area.

Especially after six o'clock in the afternoon for fear that they will be incurred to suffer the same fate as the young protagonist of our article.

Others, however, when telling the story, cross themselves wishing to remove such misfortune from their families.

The truth is that this legend has served to keep the little ones away from the danger that threatens the traffic on the avenue, the sharpness of the reef and the coastal depth.

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