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10 elements about the Eggun, spirits and ancestors

Yoruba Eggun

The cult of Eggun It is the Yoruba cult of spirits, of fundamental importance since the Osha-Ifá religious system establishes: "Ikú Lobbi Osha" or "the dead gave birth to the saint."

All about the Eggun of the Yoruba religion:

1. What are Eggun?

The word Eggun Yoruba means bone or skeleton. But the Eggun They are the spirits of the ancestors or deceased ancestors, devotees or practitioners of the Yoruba religion.

It is also known with that word to the cult of spirits and ancestors, our deceased relatives and beings of our spiritual picture, in general spirits of light and darkness that share space with us on the earthly plane.

2. Attention to Eggun

Tending to spirits is one of the most important precepts of the Yoruba religion. The spirits o eggun They must be cared for and revered by all devotees, their worship must be respected.

In fact, before invoking and asking for permission or moyugbar and greeting the orishas, ​​we must first call the dead, they are guides and decision-makers of our activities on earth.  

3. The Tile of Eggun

La Eggun tile, a symbol of consecration of the Yoruba religion, mounted and founded by babalawos consecrated in Orun, it is used to invoke the ancestors through sacred religious ceremonies and rituals and the sacrifice of certain animals.

La Eggun tile It is a receptacle of power where the energies of the ancestors converge and from it we can maintain adequate communication with them, it is the means of connection with the protective spirits that protect us.

This element will promote a unique link between the earthly and spiritual planes to maintain harmony with the eggunes.

4. Attention to Eggun tile

In the corner of the Eggun tile you must also have an Eggun staff, or also called dead man's cane.

For attention to Eggún tileAlways have a glass with water, coffee, liquor, milk, tea, juice, fruits, flowers, and food without salt ready, if the deceased was known, offer him what he liked in life.

The attentions are changed every 7 days, or according to what the godfather indicates and what the spirits manifest at the time of assembling said power.

5. Pagugu or Eggun staff

One of the sacred elements to invoke the eggunes is the Pagugu or staff of the dead, which is used to invoke the spiritual forces of the eggun and is complemented by the Eggun tile.

The Pagugu helps to create a communicative bond with the ancestors. It is placed next to the Eggun tile and accompaniedañado for glasses of water, where water represents an essential spiritual element, and a candle in a corner of the house.

6. Spiritual Vault

One of the means to render worship, light and assistance to the deceased, is the spiritual vault, consisting basically of a table, with a white tablecloth that represents peace and purity and glasses with water, an element through which the connection is established.

The vault is a sacred place where the spirits of light who welcome, guide and protect us are honored.

Each vase represents a spirit of devotion, photos and images of the ancestors are also placed in it. This cult allows the spirits to be present in our life providing light, without creating problems, helping and protecting.

7. Spiritual Masses

The Spiritual Mass honors the spirits and establishes an intrinsic communication with the afterlife. It is a syncretic element adopted by the Yoruba religion, resulting from spiritualistic rites and Catholic Masses.

Spiritual Masses bring together various devotees who invoke entities of Eggun before a spiritual vault. A mass is a connection that establishes a conversation between earth and heaven, between life and death, in it we are given advice, warnings and we receive light to reach our destiny in life.

8. La Ceiba, sacred site of the Eggun

The Ceiba, a sacred tree for its spiritual value, houses the souls of all the dead and the habitan permanently. They say that the more important a person is on earth, and the higher his hierarchy, the sooner his spirit will go to take refuge in the Ceiba.

Offerings are deposited around this sacred tree and the dead who reside within it are fed.

To do this, a sacred trace is made on the earth, and on it is placed a gourd or a new white plate that contains the food that the deceased person most wanted in life. Coffee or another drink is also added, four candles are lit, and the deceased is called.

9. Oyá, Yewa and Obba, Eggun Goddesses

A Oyá, Obba, Yewa, is known as the Death Goddesses, because they transfer the souls of people to the culmination of their earthly existence. They habitan in cemeteries and can act on the spirits and guide them. They have a great relationship with the dead, from the graveyard they guide them in their new life.

10. Songs to Eggun

In the ceremonies to feed and invoke the Eggun various songs are performed in Yoruba to communicate with them and call them.

These songs are sacred and the rituals should be guided by people who have vast knowledge and powerful spiritual energy. This is an example of chanting to the spirits:

Atana lau lau eggun fumi lau lau (x3)

Atana keke iku eggun keke

Aboribaye iku eggun keke

To umba wa ori (x2)

awa osun awa oma leri oma le iya awo ara onu ka awe

Omo ala awo iya le fiede enu akun fao to kun fao (x2)

Oko kan la mi waye oko kan la mi wonu (x2)

gbogbo orisa oro la mi waye oko kan la mi wonu

Tele moban tele (x2)

wayeke wayeke odo so umbo ara a umbo wayeke wayeke wayeke bi oma yenye

The Eggun are revered with respect, a simple offering such as a candle or a flower will give them light, remember that they are with us at all times, listen to their whispers and advice and you will always be on the right track. Maferefun Eggun every day!

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