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The 3 Eggun Kings wanted to enslave Ogbe Osa but Babalú saved him

Eggunes in Ogbe Osa

This pataki recounts the life of Obge Osa, a man who was virtuous so he had earned the envy of his peers.

In the town people were extremely conflictive and wars were often unleashed.

As much as Ogbe Osa warned them of the complications of these acts, they all seemed to ignore him.

Pataki where Obge Osa reigned alongside the spirits in the land of the Dead

One day when many revolutions were unleashed, a great war took place, and since Ogbe Osa did not want to be involved in such situations, he decided to leave his hometown, in search of establishing himself somewhere where he could get the peace he needed.

After a long walk, he took refuge in a cave because he was close at night.

When making his entrance in this he realized that inside there were three doors:

  • One of gold,
  • another silver and
  • the last of bronze.

Exquisite aromas sprouted from which, and as Ogbe Osa was hungry, he became interested in their content.

What he did not know was that behind those doors were three eggun kings who tried to manipulate his thinking in order to make him their servant.

After being very tempted feeling that all his desires would be satisfied, he decided to go through the copper door.

Babalú Ayé saves Obge Osa by doing ebbó

As he was about to enter, all three doors opened in unison and Ogbe Osa was surprised to see the three kings come out wearing their red robes and wearing their diamond-encrusted crowns.

The two kings from the gold and silver gates were upset with the man for he had chosen the copper monarch instead of them.

So they wanted revenge by snatching his life, pouncing on him with great fury.

Ogbe Osa, realizing this, ran out and when he reached a plant in Moruro he found an old man who was nothing more than Babalu Aye, to whom he asked for help.

He made him ebbó with its branches and also promised to intercede for him.

Then they walked together towards the cave and when they ran into the three eggun kings, Azojano warned them that they could not dañaHe was their protégé and that only he would offer them his services if they respected him and paid him properly.

Thus, over time, Ogbe Osa reigned alongside the spirits, gaining much knowledge about the land of the dead.

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