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Ogbe Otura: The ékuele is tied with a chain with Olofi's blessing

Ekuele Ogbe Otura

When Constitution created the world there were no laws, respect was null and people and animals lived according to their will regardless of whether theyañathey ban others with their actions.

Wars broke out for any reason and items of small or great value were replaced by blood and dislikes.

Such was the case that weeds flooded the fields, affecting the crops and the alb waters.añathey infected the drinking deposits.

Nobody cared to improve the existing situation or even to put a little order on the earth plane.

Pataki where chaos reigned on Earth and Orula's wisdom saved her

Olofin, realizing this event and feeling frustrated by the fiasco of his invention, went into the forest taking with him a deer head and a ram's head.

Immediately after this, he sent one of his emissaries to look for Eleggua and Kawo Sile.

orunmila who had been the one to search for the Orishas, ​​sat on the mat and began to look at Olofin marking him the performance of an ebbó.

Later he offered a part of the heads to Elegguá and Shango and sent them to the town.

The great fortune-teller of Ifá followed in his footsteps, placing the deer head on his cap and throwing the ram's head forward.

When the townspeople saw him arrive in disguise and dancing, they became afraid of him and thought it was something bad, so they ran home to protect themselves from the threat.

Shangó and Elegguá explained to the people that:

The only way to drive away the being appeared was by ordering their lives and respecting the word of Olofin and Ifá.

By committing to discipline and to put a permanent stop to wars.

Orunmila, pleased by the results of his work, ran to inform Olofin about the new events.

The Orishas Shangó and Elegguá thank the fortune teller with the ékuele

Shangó and Elegguá, grateful for Orunmila's attitude, prepared for him a gift that would make his art of divination a little more comfortable and effective.

For the making of the novel gift they used some seeds and fragments of the heads of ram and deer, which they chopped uniformly and later were polished to make them look shiny.

As a last requirement they needed some metal chains to unify all the elements and once the item named ékuele was finished, it received the direct blessing of Olofin.

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