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Different uses of water as a natural element in Santeria

Water in Santeria

Water It is the natural element in charge of carrying life and providing it at the same time, this fluid is extremely important for the survival of the human being because it is a vital element that is part of the body's own tissues.

This substance that has no smell, taste, or color, is one of the few elements found in the environment in various states and can be seen in its liquid, solid and gaseous form.

Among its uses we find its consumption by man as a source of hydration and in gastronomy, it is a key piece for personal and home hygiene at the same time as it has magical and medicinal properties.

Holy Water in the Osha

Holy water is nothing more than a representation of this liquid that has received the blessing of a deacon and other high-status representations of Catholic temples.

This is used in order to perform baptisms and sanctify objects.

This water has among its virtues the power to strip the influence of dark forces and contamination of the soul.

This substance is used in the Osha With these same purposes, thanks to its properties previously exposed, it is also part of other secret holy ceremonies.

Sea water has the blessing of the Orisha Yemayá

Baths with sea water have many uses for the resolution of dermatological diseases, in the same way that it acts as a therapy to release accumulated stress in the body.

This brackish element is used in Santeria to overcome difficulties and satisfy the people. Orisha Yemaya.

To get rid of the Osogbos, the receptacle of the deity is filled with this water and in this way the saint influences the resolution of the problems that affect the religious.

It is believed that the santeros receive the blessing of Yemayá just by touching this water.

A jet of sea water is what is needed to purify the ilé (house) of bad energies through ritual cleanings, through this work the help of the owner of the salt water is requested to attract numerous blessings to the home.

The importance of river water in the Yoruba Pantheon

La Orisha Oshun habita in the river, a sacred place to which the religious accesses in search of the help of the saint and in order to receive the baptism of the Yoruba religion.

River water is a key element in the performance of holy works and consecration ceremonies, without the presence of such a long-awaited liquid, the execution of many of these rites would not be possible.

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