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The Ashé and its multiple expressions

What does ashé mean in Santeria

AsheAlthough it is an expression with multiple evaluations and considerations, some more current than others, it will always include a gift of virtue granted, the good, the luck, the strength and the energies of nature.

To wish ashe, implies wishing for the achievement of wishes, health and prosperity.

Some of the most popular expressions with this word today are:

  • I have Ashe (I'm lucky, gift, light)
  • Here everyone has their Ashe (we are all lucky)
  • I wish you a lot Ashe (I wish you all the good)
  • I have a Ashe that his mango snores (I am very happy)
  • Ashé pa 'la Osha, Ashé pa' you (thanks to my Orishas, ​​thanks to you)
  • Mi Ashe it's enviable
  • Has tremendous Ashe (possessor of great luck)
  • Nature granted him tremendous Ashe
  • Ashe to my saints
  • The Orishas have Ashe
  • I have my Ashe
  • Mi Ashe opens the way for me
  • Don't mess with me Ashe! (don't challenge my protection)
  • It is true that I do have Ashe!
  • Here there is Ashe to respect
  • ¡Ashe for you! (lucky for you)

What does Ashé mean in Santeria?

The term "Ashé" in our religion is very important because of the great religious meaning it contains, despite the secrets that this word hides, we also use it as a synonym for the phrase "So be it" to show acceptance and conformity to what what another person says or does, similar to the use of the expression "Amen" in the Christian religion.

Although its meaning is too broad and abstract, it can be said that Ashé is:

  • A virtue and gift granted by Olodumare "the Supreme God" to each of the men on earth without exceptions, which is why it is said that: "We all have our own Ashé"
  • Basic energy of the universe that maintains the balance of things.
  • Luck, gift, power, it is light and darkness, it is balance.

Ashé in popular slang

The word "Ashe» is used by a large part of the population whether or not they are devoted to the yoruba religion and its meaning varies depending on the context in which it is used, as we saw previously.

Sometimes its significance can have a completely religious nuance, other times, it can be related to chance, destiny and luck. And many times it refers to the qualities of an individual.

The popular expression is used in religious rituals, but it has also been used in motion pictures, plays, television shows, and even for advertising.

Today there are many contexts that surround the word that is no longer governed only by its religious nuance, but is based on the popular slang of the day to day.

Ashé, the memory of our roots

However, even though ashe is a popular term today, it denotes the historical influence of African religions throughout Cuba.

It is a symbol of the transculturation process that characterizes Cuban culture today, full of traditional elements from many peoples.

It is a representation of the Yoruba religion as a key and identity part of the Cuban people.

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