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The Babalawo is Olofin's envoy ► Advice from the Ogbe Tua Sign

The babalawo in Ogbe Tua

When Ogbe Tua arrived in the land of Aramba, there were many babalawos who worked in harmony.

Except for one who believed that his brothers abused the favors of Constitution whom they invoked for any reason, a fact that he considered a breach of trust.

Pataki where there was discord and misunderstanding

The Aramba Awoses decided how important it would be to hold a meeting where they would invoke Olofin so that the Orisha would independently grant a power that would allow them to perform their religious ceremonies without the need to all meet together.

For they thought that the present had put them all in the same place, but the future was still uncertain.

The oluo in discord found in his brothers the rejection that his dissenting way of thinking instilled.

They told him that if he wanted to change things, he should find someone who would follow him and support his criteria.

Luck and triumph were found in other lands through Ifá

When he saw what was happening, he decided to leave the town and venture out in search of new projects.

Upon entering the new lands, he was captured by the king's guards, who accused him of being a profane spy for the Yoruba religion.

Among so many things, demanding a necklace of green beads and a hand of inquine.

Then the oluo was sent before an osainist who was surprised to realize that it was an Ifa priest.

This communicated to the king that they should pay him the tributes that he deserved to receive for being an envoy from Olofin and immediately apologize to the babalawo for what happened.

Ifá Councils through Ogbe Tua.

Ogbe Tua is a sign that speaks of discord between people, where the individual will be misunderstood in the wrong places where he is until he reaches the place where he must function correctly on earth.

Through this odun the religious comes to occupy important positions where he works.

In this letter the individual leaves his land in search of fortune and triumphs in his purposes.

It is important to know that in this odun the knowledge obtained, the effort and the sacrifice are what save the character.

Ogbe Tua describes the value of the Yoruba religion in the life of the religious, because through Ifá the character manages to unfold in the land where he ventures.

  • One of the great teachings of this pataki It consists of believing in yourself and having the faith that is required to overcome difficult times.

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