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Who is the Babujal? The price of making a Pact with the Devil

The babujal

Meaning of Babujal:

El Babujal is an evil spirit That haunts the Cuban fields since ancient times, it has the power to possess human beings and animals to make them docile at will.

It is believed that there is not a single babujal, but that any man or woman who makes a pact with the devil in life, when he dies, automatically becomes this demonic specter.

How does this spirit of evil manifest itself?

The Cuban populace points to the possibility that the babujal assumed the body of the lizards as a regular reservoir, especially those that have a kind of red scarf.

Being through this new identity, the perfect disguise to access the interior of the houses and study the life and customs of their next victim from a closer angle.

It is believed that when the babujal possesses a human being his behavior begins to distort, a fact that is evidenced in the enjoyment of vices such as alcohol and tobacco.

The spirit subjected to the whims of its jailer, begins to develop an internal war with him.

There are reports that explain that not in all cases the babujal has the necessary strength to subdue the spirit of the body that habita, because when it is developed it is capable of expelling the invader.

What does the Babujal look for in its victims?

There are testimonies that assure that the babujal can travel from one place to another very quickly and that it hunts its victims to attack them when they are alone.

The Babujal feeds on the fears of the human being and it is precisely the fear that it fosters when it is introduced into the body of the person who is going to torture.

For this reason, he prefers to attack those who have many phobias, as these will bring him greater satisfaction.

The evil part of every human being is the elixir with which the babujal seeks to become ecstatic.

That is why it encourages its victims to carry out negative actions such as:

  • Inhuman deeds,
  • crimes,
  • inappropriate and indolent behaviors and
  • lack of education, to name a few examples.

The specter made a pact with Satan

Generally the Babujal has made appearances riding on horseback dressed as a peasant, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a wide-brimmed hat.

The particular thing about this entity is that it does not show its face to anyone, since it lacks that part of the body, being a spirit without identity and without name.

The moment he makes the pact with the devil, his past is erased, permanently forgetting his loved ones and putting aside his memories. 

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