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The dance of Oyá, the fury of the spark

Dance of Oyá

Oyá It is the force of nature, it is the air we breathe, it is the spark and the storm, it is the rainbow, it is the queen of the dead and mistress of life.

It is the Orisha that provides the air with the correct amount of oxygen to keep us alive and functioning.

It favors storms, strong or hurricane winds and lightning flashes and thus enhances its violent and impetuous character. It is the deity that lives at the door of the cemeteries.

It is that goddess who represents gloomy feelings, the world of the dead and at the same time the intense natural forces, thus, Oyá dance intensely.

The Orisha dance of life and death

For dance of Oyá she dresses like the goddess, with a wine dress and a different colored skirt, 9 in total. You can also dress in a dry fiber dress made from the top of the royal palm, called a yagua. Nine-color ribbons cover her head.

La dance of Oyá it is impetuous like lightning, strong like the wind and intense like life and death.

When Oyá dance, wags his iruke (horse tail) to clean the bad influences of the air.

Sometimes he carries a lighted torch in his right hand, making fierce circles as he turns to the left, like a gale.

His dancing is very frantic and very fast, sometimes difficult for an audience to follow. She is delusional and euphoric, like the reckless warrior she is, her dance is also one of fighting and combat.

Oyá and his dance of intense steps

La dance of OyáIt is one of the most complicated and at the same time most beautiful and intense Afro-Cuban folkloric representations, due to its complicated steps and its way of moving with a sensual fury that enchants the audience.

The dance of the mistress of the eddies it is rich in frantic steps. The most basic is the movement of the left foot on the floor with the weight of the body falling on the right with bent knees.

The dancer who lends her body to Oyá, screams and makes violent movements that simulate the swirling wind.

She cleanses the evil among the observers, while her left hand rests on the waist or holds the multi-colored skirt that symbolizes a rainbow.

Then do undulating movements with the abdomen and torso and quick turns to the left. He shudders every time the drums play.

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