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The Curse of the Coffee plant is born in the sign Ogbe Odi

The cafe at Ogbe Odi

The pataki born in the odun Ogbe Odi relates that two men lived at the ends of the same river.

The first lived near the riverbed with his wife Oshun, while the second dwelt at the mouth of the same.

Pataki where Osain del Monte warns about the curse of coffee for Men

Both men who did not know each other went indifferently to the house of orunmila to register them because they both had problems.

The soothsayer marked the performance of an ebbó, but to do so they had to go to the mountain to ask Ozai some herbs.

The Ifá oracle explained to them that they should listen carefully if Ozain gave them some advice which they should internalize and apply for the rest of their lives.

As the first man was sick Oshún his wife went in search of the herbs, at her entrance to the mountain she saw Ozain lying under the shade of a cedar.

He greeted her and showed her where to take the herbs she needed. On the way to find the plants, Oshún saw a beautiful bush of green fruits that caught her attention.

Ozain explained to the saint that she should not touch that bush because it was the coffee plant that was cursed, because its fruits were actually consumed roasted in an elixir that was stimulating and addictive, which in small doses could do well, but in high consumption it became toxic to the organism, making man a slave to its consumption.

He who does NOT respect the advice of Ifá and the Orishas will have to face the consequences of destiny

The second religious who had reached the mountain, when he saw Ozain, he had hidden behind some plants and when Oshún was retiring with his herbs, he went to look at the coffee plant.

Ozain inadvertently surprised him by taking the fruit of the plant because when listening to the conversation between the Orisha owner of the herbs and Oshún, he knew the secret of how to prepare coffee.

Ozain demanded that he return the fruits, but he did not return all by cheating the Orisha.

He hypocritically apologized to him and left, taking his herbs with him.

When he got home he toasted the seeds and tasted the coffee, from that moment he was hooked with the vice, even stopping eating properly by drinking coffee.

Fact that affected his health, taking him years later to the grave.

Teachings of this pataki of Ogbe Odi for the religious:

When the religious is consulted before the oracle of Ifá and this sign appears, he is advised to leave all the vices because they are harmful to his health.

And if you do not have them, you are advised never to try them because vices are your downfall.

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