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The wrong path of the Osha that we must avoid

Spiritual enrichment on material wealth.

Convey peace to everyone around you, change the way you see things by feeling them from within.

Let's not blame others for our mistakesNor should we blame the Orishas at the worst times. I always insist on faith because for me it is paramount.

It is a mistake to imagine that to crown Osha is to leave Santo's room with material riches. Abures, lshow Osha the way, you receive advice from your Orishas, ​​they enlighten you, allow you to grow, warn you about what you should or not do and above all they offer you spiritual wealth.

My life has enlightened me, for this reason I also want the Orishas to enlighten yours.

Too ambitious a false path.

Think well, meditate and you will understand that in this life more good things have happened to you that bad, only that we always pay more attention to the negative.

Upon entering religion, many think that on that path they will receive fortune, fame and riches, but the truth is that everything good and beautiful will come in due time, Providing respect and following the advice of our Orishas, ​​only then will we achieve spiritual growth that will lead us to prosperity.

Do not despair, practice patience with determination and faith. 

You will win the lottery, but in your heart.

Don't become a saint for material thingsDo it to restore your health, achieve harmony, stability and balance with your environment and with yourself and that you feel spiritually blessed.

Entering the Osha will not bring you the lottery, they are not magicians, they are Orishas! Helping you prosper is not the same as making you rich and untouchable.

Our religion is respected and although many pretend to empañar your image with unworthy actions, it does not stop being sacred. 

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