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The legend of Coabay, the Spirit that does not let the dead rest

The Coabay

The cult towards the mystical in Cuba It houses many legends, turning the Cuban fable into an endless well of stories that narrate apparitions and pacts with beings from another world that the populace has not allowed to die in oblivion.

  • The Coabay It is a demonic specter from the central and eastern region of the country.

Some of the mysteries that haunt this spectrum

It is a being that habita the caves of the Cuban countryside:

  • During the day assumes the appearance of a bat,
  • at nightfall it takes its original form, becoming a specter, capable of disguising itself under any human or animal figure.

It is said that the Coabay penetrates the caves or abandoned houses near the cemeteries, since its favorite act consists of taking the appearance of the recently deceased for during the night under their new disguise, visiting their relatives, causing horror with their arrival.

It is able to take on the appearance of spirits

Other testimonies affirm that this ghost takes the appearance of the deceased to haunt the house of his relatives, making them see through his appearance the possible lack of light of the deceased, instilling them to think that perhaps the spirit could not rise and rest in peace.

Reality that makes the relatives of the deceased are forced to go to the church and the cemetery to place them masses and offer other services, so that he can get to where the almighty is.

It uses the torture and anguish of humans

Some have commented to believe that when the Coabay takes the appearance of a dead man it never reaches heaven, because at the same time that it torments the family, it tortures it so that it cannot communicate with its relatives, since this supernatural entity enjoys torture and the anguish it causes to human beings.

If you do not perceive fear and pain, the Coabay moves away

The Coabay almost always achieves its objective and has seldom been challenged, since the man has respected in a remarkable way all the facts related to death.

But this spirit has a weakness, which is related to the man or woman who wants to disturb, because as long as they are not frightened by the appearance of the ghost, it will not achieve its purpose and will be forced to leave the spirit of the deceased alone, and you will not find the fun you are looking for in him or in his family.

One of the reasons why the Coabay selects its victims is because it is able to read the pain and discomfort of the loss in their hearts, an opportunity that it does not miss.

It is assumed that he haunts the tombs devoid of Christian crosses, in which he carries out his mission and that he fears the presence of the blessed guano.  

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